Olympic Village (Athlete's Village) in Vancouver

This location is directly across the water from the stadiums where the opening and closing ceremonies were held for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

A Young German's Tour of Vancouver

A young relative of a friend came as a tourist to my city. I offered to show him around. Why don't you join us? Be a tourist today. Do you think Olli enjoyed his visit?
The first week of May, mainly overcast. On our way up Mt. Seymour we drove through a cloud... a new experience for Olli. Other new experiences were the sighting of several humming birds, and the sighting of what we are sure was a seal. On the first day our only tourist visit was a long walk around the seawall followed by a quick drive through Stanley Park. We fit everything else into the second day, starting with Dr. Sun Yat Sen Park near his hostel in downtown Vancouver, then traveling south to Queen Elizabeth Park and continuing from there to Finn Slough in the south part of Richmond. Then crossing the city again to the north and east to Deep Cove and Mt. Seymour, then west and farther north to Shannon Falls near Squamish, and finally south back to his hostel.

San Francisco, State of California, USA - PART 1 - Palace of the Fine Arts, Wave Organ

If you are staying at Fisherman's Wharf this will be quite a hike. I was happy to take the city bus and saved much time. These two attractions are within walking distance of each other. The Wave Organ is not an advertised attraction, not many people know where it is. It is across the street from the "Palace," walk towards the water and then to the end of the narrow strip of land (jetty) behind the Yacht Club. Some terrific views of the Golden Gate Bridge from this jetty.

PARKS of the Greater Vancouver Area

Our City is so lush with vegetation, that sometimes it is difficult to tell when we are actually in a park. Enjoy. Note: All photographs are copyrighted.

VanDusen BOTANICAL GARDENS Festival of Lights, Dec & Jan - Vancouver

It gets dark very early here, which is a blessing when the Festival of Lights is on at Van Dusen Gardens over the Christmas season. The site is closed during the day but by 4:30pm it is dark enough to allow the public in to view a carpet of colored lights within a large part of the Garden. A feeling of magic prevails.

Kamloops BC Canada

ALBUM: KAMLOOPS and AREA, in the province of British Columbia, CANADA - Kamloops is located in the southern interior
of the province of British Columbia. The city can be compared to a hub, roads radiating away from it in many different directions,
so there is a lot of different scenery to explore in this area. Within the city of Kamloops, the North Thompson and South
Thompson Rivers combine into one, the Thompson River of course, which flows west to become a major tributory of the mighty
Fraser River, finally emptying into the Pacific Ocean. Note: All photographs are copyrighted.


Steveston is about a half hour drive south from Vancouver, BC. It is very near Finn Slough, and it neighbors Richmond. On this outing we walk along Steveston's waterfront towards the historic area, which has a lot of interest, but I have no time tonight to add the historic part of the commentary. Please come back later. Photos were snapped in February, 2008. Note: All photographs are copyrighted.

ALBERTA, a Province in Canada

British Columbia is the province on the west coast of Canada, and Alberta is the next province to the east. The Rocky Mountains are between the two provinces. This trip begins in breathtaking Jasper Park in the mountains. We then head north to Athabasca, further north to Fort McMurray, then south to Edmonton (Fort Edmonton Park), and return to Jasper Park again. Note: All photographs are copyrighted.

VanDusen BOTANICAL GARDENS in the Autumn - Vancouver

Colors and lighting change. Leaves fall from branches allowing for patterns to emerge. All of this inspires creativity.

Hey You - Hello - Always have your Camera ready - TUTORIAL

Be ready... You will not have a second chance to take that photo. Whenever something makes you smile, or it is different than usual, or it catches your attention, raise your camera right away. Take your photo 'now'. If it is still there tomorrow the conditions will be different. Investigate everything and have your camera ready.

San Francisco, State of California, USA - PART 2 - Downtown - People, Statues, Buildings

I have been to Frisco several times before, long ago. This is my first look at this city through a camera. It was a chilly and rainy week in February.

1. Lima, Peru

We began and ended our Peruvian journey in Lima. In Lima only, we had a 'personal assistant' named Carlos, who drove us to and from the airport, as well as wherever else we wanted to go. He was very good at keeping us and our possessions safe. He wanted us to experience the many facets of his city, and was especially interested in our sampling their foods. For a fee, Carlos does this for visitors to his city. He did a great job of looking after us and doing what we requested. It was well worth it to have him as a driver, escort, and protector.
Note: All photographs are copyrighted.

Zzz - Wake Up! Take Better Travel Photos. TUTORIAL

My camera is a point-and-shoot. Fully automatic. There is much about cameras and photo editors that I do not know. But I do know what makes a good photo. I hope my suggestions are helpful to you for more than just your travel photos. Good luck! If you have any tips you would like to add, just let me know!

BLOEDEL CONSERVATORY, at Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver

The beautiful glass-domed building houses tropical plants and a few cacti, large koi in its pond, parrots, pheasants, and multiple other smaller birds.

Point Roberts, Washington State, USA

Note: All photographs are copyrighted

6. Ruins of Chavin

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Note: All photographs are copyrighted.

PERSONAL GARDENS in Vancouver and surrounding area.

Personal places of beauty. An entire yard, an entrance, or a simple flower pot.

SNOW in Vancouver - an unusual occurrence

Here we get lots of rain in the winter, and very little snow, and often it melts before the next day has passed. This winter (Christmas season, 2008-2009) we have the most snow that anyone can remember. For two weeks it has snowed almost daily, sometimes all day long. The roads and walkways were slippery and old trees break off and/or fall over from the weight of the wet snow. A tree fell on our 'skytrain' tracks (subway) so that people could not get home from work or shopping to be with their families on Christmas Eve. The airport was not prepared to have such a great amount of snow so all air traffic was halted. Our buses can usually travel well in our usual small amounts of snow but on this occasion there was too much of it all at once so that many of the buses were stuck on their route and could not take travellers to their destination. I am used to lots of snow, having lived in colder locations in the past, but this is an unusual situation we had here in Vancouver on the west coast of Canada. The first 16 photos show you some of the two week period I just told about. The remainder are of our usual occasional snowy winter days.

New Westminster Quay

PLEASE CLICK ON EACH PHOTO FOR THE COMMENTARY. We walk on the boardwalk of New Westminster Quay in mid afternoon. The body of water is the Fraser River, only a few
miles from the end of its journey to the Pacific Ocean. This is February 18 in Vancouver, what beautiful weather, is the rest of Canada jealous? Note: All photographs are copyrighted.

7. Monterey, Peru

Adventure in Monterey, a small town with a Hot Mineral Springs, not far from Huaraz.
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Note: All photographs are copyrighted.