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Nihao, I am Brian David Phillips, PhD, CH. This is my personal little window on the world . . . for now . . . I am an American living in Taiwan . . . I am an associate professor teacher type . . . I am a certified hypnotist . . . I am a stereophotographer . . . I am a roleplayer . . . I am a gamer . . . I am a scifi-fantasy type guy . . . I am a waiguoren . . . I am a shamanic neopagan . . . I am an Amerinidian-American-Everything-Else-My-Ancestors-Could-Mix-In . . . I am a Meiguolangren Zai Taibei (An American Werewolf in Taipei) . . . I am an author . . . I am a poet . . . I am a lot of things . . . but . . . most most most importantly . . . I am a husband . . . and . . . I am a father . . . those two things are what I love most about being me . . . the rest is just icing.
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Monday, February 2, 2004
Male gender
English, Conversational Mandarin Chinese, Faerine
meiguolangren hypnosis
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Photo sharing, Serious relationships, Friends, Dating, Networking
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8 years 4 months ago
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Hypnosis, hypnotherapy, trance, guided imagery, 3D stereophotography, game design, cosplay, interactive drama, roleplaying games, tarot, live action role playing games, erotica, science fiction, fantasy, literature, drama, poetry, film, illuminati, kallis
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