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Thanx alot!

All my pictures are (C)opyright ofcourse, if you wanne use them for anything else then viewing them here on Fotki, you'll have to ask my permission. This is also to your own benefit, since I cannot guarantee that the species names etc. are certain.

I'm by NO MEANS a professional when it comes to plants, I just love them thats all... I dont have a huge amount of seedlings, pups or seeds, so asking about that wount do any good really...

Also, if you dont find a plant on any of my albums or trough a search, I dont have it, so no point in asking...

This is NOT a discussion group kinda thing, this is just my album, but questions and comments are highly appreciated and I will answer if I can :) If you wanne discuss, there are a huge community over at yahoo, one of them is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Mammillaria but you can find several others if you do a search over there.

Now, enjoy the pics, I enjoyed taking them...

Yeah.. I know... I'm weird... lotsa bugs, cactus, mushrooms, weird plants and nice butterflies and scenery... I cant help it, Life is intriging and interesting in any form :)

Have a nice day!

Trond, 9th of August 2004

Todays Favorite shot, 29.05.2008