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Welcome to our corner of Fotki! We will once again start adding new pitures here now, as it is the season again up here in the north.
After moving in with the love of my life, my climate and care for the plants have changed, resulting in death of some and better care for others. Have buildt a greenhouse now, so indeed did they way I have to care for my plants change. I now need to water them, since they have a roof, and on the other hand, the chance of any of them drowing is quite small now :).

I'm by NO MEANS a professional when it comes to plants, I just love them thats all... I dont have a huge amount of seedlings, pups or seeds, so asking about that wount do any good really... I have my main interest in cactus, and also a bit of interest in local succulents. Heidi is mainly interested in Pelargonium/Geranimu, but also have a lot of annual and perrenial plants she knows a lot about.

Now, enjoy the pics, I enjoyed taking them...

Yeah.. I know... I'm weird... lotsa bugs, cactus, mushrooms, weird plants and nice butterflies and scenery... I cant help it, Life is intriging and interesting in any form :)

[August 7th 2006] Finally got a new camera, Nikon Coolpix 8700. Expect a LOT of new photos to be showing up in the coming weeks. [/August 7th 2006]

[November 11 2009]Finally! New camera again, Canon EOS 450D this time, cant wait to figure this one out and see what it has to offer when I get a macrolens for it :) [/November 11 2009]

Have a nice day!

Trond & Heidi, 9th of August 2004 ,May 4th 2006, August 7th 2006, April 26th 2008, November 11th 2009.
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