UPDATED 10-10-08 *****UPDATED 10-10-08*****UPDATED 10-10-08*****

Hey everyone. Finally replaced my camera so photos should be coming to you more frequently!

So I've been using Boundless Tresses (BT) on and off for 1 year now and BT is the ONLY thing that grows my hair. I discovered BT in early '07 after discovering that I had some breakage, thinning, balding and HJWGS ( Hair Just Won't Grow Syndrome) in the crown and entire back center of my head. It was a hair today, gone tomorrow situation that I was dealing with for about 3 years. Sometimes I had hair back there and sometimes it was like....WTH-air? Am I going bald again?

BT works like a dream, but I realize that as soon as I stop using it, my growth stops/slows. I know, I know...so don't stop. I am just very sensitive to the odor of the sulfur and I CAN'T stand the smell. So far, no oil or product that I've used has been effective at masking the odor well enough for me to be all gung-ho about using it as recommend. I usually use BT twice a week and skip 2 weeks in between, because that's how long it takes for the odor to come out of my hair. Even with frequent washing....I reek of sulfur. Anyhow, my hair is waaaaaaaay more full now and pretty easy to manage as my multiple textures have kind of become one texture. I've noticed that my curls are gone--->could be because of the constant cornrowing or maybe my texture changed because of the BT.

I still only have 3-5 inches of hair in the area that had 1 inch in Feb. '07 and once again, I am kicking myself for not being better about taking care of my hair. As a person who works a 9-5 and then begins my second job as a hair stylist from 5-10, I don't have the energy left in me at the end of the day to do anything to my hair...even on weekends. Most Saturdays & Sundays, the doorbell is often ringing by the time I shower, dress and choke down some breakfast. This is not an excuse, just an afirrmation that I need to get it togehter.

SO......I am planning to continue "hiding" my hair till Christmas. I've been weaving and wigging it up since August 16, 2008. Then I will be braiding/twisting it till March '09. I lead a very active lifestyle and I am a hair style freak so I may change my mind. Wish me luck.

Also thanks to everyone of you who have left comments, asked questions, and offered suggestions. If anyone knows about a product that works as well at BT but does not smell so horrible, please share!

Beautifully kinky, coily, nappy and curly,