Hi and welcome to my website.

I'm Nancy and I'm a mom of a 13 year old daughter. I started tagging about three years ago and have found this a very relaxing hobby. After I improved a lot with tagging I started looking for forums where I could share my wonderful work. I worked for a couple of forum and although it was fun and awesome people, I really never found my nitch. I recently accepted a tag position at Create It. I'm sure you have heard of sig tags or signatures. If you don't really know what they are used for, they are used in webmail, blogs, forums, websites etc...Now who makes these wonderful siggies?? Some awesome artists spend volunteer work, post them on their forum, Delphi Forum for me and puts them out for requests. Everyone can request these sig tags provided that one does not alter the sig tags. With altering I mean removing the name and putting your own name on it so you get the credit. A lot of artist spend a lot of extra time on these sig tags so please respect these artists their work!

My sig tags will devided in different catagories and a name will be posted under each sig tag.