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My regime has changed so much over the years. The more I learn about my hair, the more I love it. SO, after years of trial and error, I think I may have found out what my ahir truly loves and what it truly hates.

My hair is 4a/b. I use Creme of Nature relaxer in super. I leave it on for only 10=15 minutes. I used to use regular, but then I had to leave the relaxer on for at least 45 minutes for my hair to get straight...and by that time, my scalp would be on firre. Now, I use super, and keep it on for a shiort period of time.

Also, i try to stay away from stylists. I only go to htem if I need to look super cute with a blow out, but if not, I will do everything my self...including relaxing.

Also, I never use a smal tooth comb on my hair...and in fact I only comb my hair once a weeki. my hair is very fragile, so it breaks easily. ...and combing causes my hair to, I don't comb. I only comb to detangle on wash days...not for mainitenance. this is has probably been the most important think i have learned about my hair and it has allowed me to retain trememndous length.

Shampoo: CON (coarse dry hair) or ORS Aloe Shampoo
Conditioner: ORS replenishing conditioner (new found staple)
Leave ins: salerm 21, cantu shea butter, fantasia frizz buster, kemi-oyl
Vitamins: puritan pride mega hair skin and nails

First off, I "comb" my hair once a week. On wash day, I slightly detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb, and then i hop in the shower to wash my hair. I part my hair down the middle, and wash my hair in those two sections with shampoo. The shampoo softens my hair, so as i wash teh shampoo out, I work the comb through the section of hair along the pressure of the water...helps big time with tangles. then I do the other side.

I keep the hair parted in those 2 sections, then I place the ORS conditioner on each section. Then, i place scrunchie on the 2 sections and pin the hair on top of my head and place a plastic cap on my head to prepare to deep condition. I usually sit under the hair dryer for 20 minutes, or let the conditioner sit on my head without heat for 3-5 hours.

Once i deep condition, i rinse out teh conditioner (still in the 2 sections). I comb my hair in the 2 sections while the conditioner is being rinsed from my hair. once all the conditioner is rinsed out, i "wringe" out my hair by section.

For bunning styles:
Then, once i exit the shower, I apply salerm 21, and fantasia frizz buster to whole head. then i apply the cantu shea butter. once my hair is partially dry, i apply more cantu shea butter to my hair, and then slightly detangle my hair. I then gently brush my hair into a bun, and wear my hair like that for 3 days. every morning, when i am in the shower, I quickly run my head under the shower head for a little moisture and then place a little more cantu on my ends, then rewrap the bun. I use a scrunchie soaked in castor oil to avoid breakage. A comb does not touch my hair for another week until I do a full wash and deep condition.

For wearing hair down:
If i decide to wear my hair down (very rarely...once a month), then once i exit the shower mfrom washing out teh conditioner, I apply salerm 21 and fantasia frizz buster to whole head. I do not put the cantu shea butter on my hair. once my hair is partially dry, i gently finger comb, and then i use a regular comb to detangle. then, I blow my roots and let the ends dry naturally. once my ends are almost dry, i roller set my hair. The magnetic rollers seem to "de-frizz" my hair. I do not sit under the dryer with the rollers (sometimes i may if i have the patience to deal with teh heat or want my hair to look super sleek). Once i take out the rollers, my ahir is super puffy and a little frizzy, so I wrap my hair, and while its wrapped, I take kemi oyl or frizz buster to go around my wrapped hair. Then I place a scarf on my head and go to sleep. in the morning, my hair is frizz free and straight.
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