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* Long time. I know. Sorry. I've been living life, ya kno? lol JK. But, as I've said before, in true CurlyCurious fashion....I present you with 5 albums for your viewing pleasure. Please comment. And, of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me : )
* hey sorry it took so long for an update, but in true curlycurious fashion---please find 3 albums of updates in a row for July 2010, August 2010, and September 2010.

This summer was fabulous and I loved every minute. I celebrated my 23rd birthday, my 2 year anniversary with the bf, and went on multiple vacations! Also, Semptember 2010 not only marked 2 years with the bf, but 2 years relaxer free!!!!

Please leave comments in my albums and guest book. Enjoy! : )

Hey there welcome to my fotki. I am so glad that I decided to transition back to my natural texture and although at times I get frustrated with my hair--I wouldn't change my hair for anything. I'm new to this but I'm always willing to learn/help. Please don't hesitate to add me as a friend or shoot me a message.
I'm completely natural--20 months without a relaxer and 2 months natural as of May 2010.

Last Relaxer: September 2008

Transition Time: 18 months

Big Chop: March 2010

Nappiversary month: March

Hair type: mixed --3c front and 4a for the rest

-lots of coils that go from small to bigger from my crown to the nape
-AND the front is mostly chunky waves/ curls

GOALS: (updated 5.17.2010)

*SL: reached while transitioning

*APL: reached-May 2010 (Original guess was October 2010) but I'm still a little hesitant claiming this because i need a trim and it might change lol

BSL: December 2010?

MBL: Summer 2011?

WL: I need to get to BSL first then I'll start dreaming about this length lol

Check out "my Journal" for the back story to my hair journey and all the updates while I was transitioning up until the Big Chop.

Aussie Moist----> pretty much the only staple product I have right now since I'm still testing everything out.

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