Ari Maas

Photos from contributor Ari Maas.
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Chip Broshous

Photos from Chip Broshous. © All rights reserved.

Chicagoland 2017

Photos from the 20th annual CEVS, hosted by Dave Weaver and held in Oswego, IL on August 4/5/6


This album contains brochures of police package vehicles from Ford.

Contributors: Please scan your brochures with at least a 150 dpi resolution. Please title the files as follows: year(four digit), make, model (unless contains entire line) and two-digit sequential number. Example: 1974ply03.jpg

Thanks for all the contributions!

Todd Ivins

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Greg Savernik

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Ted Saraf

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Alex Velez

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Robert Pedersen

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Dave Gittner

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Ferndale, MI Emergency Vehicle Show

Held on Friday, August 19th as part of the annual Woodward Dream Cruise

Chicagoland 2016

Photos from the annual show hosted by Dave Weaver

2016 Illinois Police Officers Memorial Ceremony

Annual ceremony held in Springfield, IL honoring IL police officers who died in the Line of Duty since last year.

AJ McKechnie

Photos from contributor AJ McKechnie

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Adam Meyers

Photos from contributor Adam Meyers. Mostly units from Wisconsin.

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Jim Togyer

Photos contributed by Jim Togyer. © All rights reserved.

Chicagoland 2002

Photos by Greg Reynolds, Dave Weaver, Brian Weaver and Mike Freeman