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I have only recently decided to grow my natural hair out. My last relaxer was January 2, 2010. I used to get perms every 6-8 weeks, but because I am in college, I did not have the time to keep going to the hair dresser. I started flat ironing my hair a lot and when I got tired of it, I wore it in some type of braids. I have always rubbed my hands through my new growth and said how soft it is. I also remember how soft and thick my hair was as a child. I don't know how I came across but it was then that I decided to go natural.

I have decided to do a long transition. Some people can rock the BC, but I do not think I have the face for it. Plus, I don't think that a TWA will look to good with my thinning edges. I have always had AT LEAST shoulder length hair, and I think that the BC would be too traumatic for me. I will keep my hair in protective styles (probably rocking a braid-n-curl in between) so that I do not have to struggle to blend the contrasting hair types. I will do this for two years, and I plan to chop off all of my relaxed ends by 12-25-2011 or 01-01-2012 (do remember that plans change).

I am not a professional and I will definitely look for tons of advice during my transition. Websites like Youtube, Fotki,,, etc. have been a huge help for me. Thank you for your help and wish me luck during my SUPER long transition!!
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010
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