I UPDATED 6/29/2014: June Album
I UPDATED 6/29/2014: June Album(curlsRgreat) avatar
March 17, 2012- Updated Hair products and Skin products album... I changed the name. But nonetheless I am incorporating skin products I'd like to try soon. Have a look. Comment if u like. New YT video coming very soon.
God bless
Nov. 8th- Brand new YouTube video check it out leave comments, rate and subscribe!

October 6, 2011- Hi guys, Just letting you all know I updated in my June, October and September album. Please go look and comment and be sure to go visit my Youtube page because I have new videos coming. My next picture updates will be coming soon... I am always updating different albums so go COMMENT! :-)
May 23, 2011- I will be updating soon with May 2011 hair photos and past hair photos from other months. Come by my Youtube page and add me so that way you can view live footage of my hair (o_o)
visit me @ youtube.com/user/shay18
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------December 30, 2010- I still have so much catching up to do with uploading all of my previous hair photos, but I will continue to add bit by bit, here and there. This year has been interesting with my hair and I've learned so much, but I will definitely do better in 2011. Don't forget to Add me on YouTube: youtube.com/user/shay18
Until next update have a great New Year!
July 1, 2010- I have new updates! Don't you just love COMEBACKS???!!! :-) I have been gone for OVER A YEAR & I'm ready to reveal my hair. And please ADD my youtube page so you can see my hair and have the opportunity to see it live! I am always updating so come by and say hello.
April 17, 2009- I will update in 1 month if the Second Coming has not occurred. I know some of you may be reading this like "what is she talking about when the Lord comes back? That can be any at time" and I would say right, but none of us knows the hour or minute he will come. It's been over a year now since I've been saved and if I am honest, I will say... this journey has not been easy. But many of us are not ready for the rapture… if you do not know God call out to him and ask him for help. Prayer is powerful… so without saying a lot just call on the name of the Lord and he will help you. Also I did cut my hair Ear length… and I’ll post pictures from January- May. I had a mishap in January, but as of right now I am wearing braids to grow it out again. See you guys in a month.
January 11, 2009- (I am starting ALL OVER with MY HAIR, YES YOU READ CORRECT NO MORE LONG HAIR!!!!) I am and will be on HIATUS for about 7 months... i won't be UPDATING ANYTIME soon... but one day i will be back to update, but not rightnow maybe in 8 months if things get better. A couple things have occured within the past two weeks and although i won't and cannot EXACTLY reveal or say what happened... I am Devistated, but I am trusting in God and will move forward. I will send some of you messages if I update.
Take care

About Me
Welcome to my page what can I say about myself, but that I am a Saved Christian young woman and God has been so merciful upon my soul. In mid January 2008, I received the Holy Ghost, got saved and then the following week I went down in Jesus name and had a private baptism in my church. I’m doing my best now more than ever to be obedient to follow his Commandments so that I can see my Savior one day. I feel blessed to share it with everyone how God is working on me so that I can be an inspiration in some else’s walk with the Lord. I have been running for a long time, but it’s because of his mercy that he allowed me to live so that I can magnify his name. I have no one reason to be ashamed of saying I am a saved young women because you don’t have to submit yourself into what society or your peers want you to be conformed of. God has blessing with my name on it and everyone else also, if you just give your soul in submission. It's important for me to spread the news on how good and merciful our God is because the devil and his angles are always after us, so we should spread the gospel of what a mighty God we serve. The Lord is coming back very soon for his saints, and I’m sure none of you want to be left behind after the second coming is revealed. I hope everyone has there personal relationship with God because we are all his children and we are all equal under him.

My Braids

My braids are done every month and some extra days that I keep them up. I’m using braids as a protective style right now so my plans are to come out of braids in December of 2008. Visit my product review album to see what Im using on my scalp while im in braids. Go on.. head on over :)

My Personal Hair Growth Goal/ Regimen

I am aiming for long healthy hair my hope is to reach that’s length within 4 to 5 years. I am doing everything possible to take better care of my hair. The longest my hair has ever gotten was right above my shoulders and maybe just a tad bit down past that, but my back hair seems to grow faster than the rest. I use ultra sheen on my braids/scalp-and 4 times within my braid period I try to do deep conditions with conditioner that can be found in my (products album) along with the braid spray I use. I like ultra sheen a lot and when I have some I grease my whole scalp with it and rap my braids up with a scarf sometimes when there newly done. My hair is very thick I have a few fine spots.....about 5 fine spots around my scalp. If I could clarify my hair type I’m sure I would fall under 4b/4a/3c/3b My hair Texture has changed Alot over the past 6 years. At one time before I discovered Fotki and various hair boards I had the curly hair texture as if I was of Biracial woman, but do to some set backs it no longer exists the way it was back in 2005. But nonetheless, God is great, and I know he will soon restore my hair length to a healthy state..

A provoking quote - " I'd rather be a servant for the Lord than to dwell with the wicked" -by Curlsrgreat

Blessings to you all


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