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Welcome to my album!

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I update as often as college, work and children will allow. Please feel free to leave comments!

My Current Regimen *updated 5/25/08
This will be updated on an as-needed basis

I do cardio at least 4x per week, so I have to keep the salt (from sweat) from drying my hair out. I wash twice a week with Nexxus Diametress (or Aloe Rid, depending on how my hair feels) and I Co-Wash in between shampoos (see "Staples" album for products).

I began deep conditioning on dry hair to a) see if it would benefit my hair and b) to save a trip to the shower. This has done both. I doubt I will be going back to washing first.

I still wash in the shower after my dc on dry hair. I have been alternating between diametress and cream of nature poos, but I'm mostly using the cream of nature.

Once rinsed, I turn the shower to "cold" and hang my head under the water (by now my body is outside of the shower and only my head/hair is under the water). I tie a hand towel (not a full sized bath towel) around the front of my head and secure with an ouchless band. I then fling my head back, leaving my hair to "drip dry" while enclosed in the towel. So basically I do not rub or pat my hair to dry as I feel that this is uneccesary friction.

Once my hair is 50% dry, I divide my hair into 2 sections-with a straight part down the middle. I proceed to put in my creamy leave-in (Giovanni Direct), then I follow with a nickel sized amount of my butter moisturizer, followed by a dime sized amount of castor oil to seal. I repeat this on the other side.

Lately I have been alternating between buns, twist outs and flat ironing. I am aiming to wear mostly twistouts so I can keep the stress off my hair line from the buns.

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