My Riding pics

Various pics of me riding eons ago, Old School? How about Pre-Old School! Most of this stuff is going to be from the early 80's on through '95 when my body finally had enough of a beating. I still break the bike out from time to time, but no more 14 hour riding days for me!

Run To The Sun XXX

The 30th annual Run To The Sun, and my first rain-out. Not a bad rain, but once the drops started, so did most of the cars. So I don't have many pictures, but at least I got an SC/Rambler and '71 Javelin AMX before everyone bailed on us!

My tire & rim stash, and any other various stuff I want to add

All of the extra rims, tires and wheel backs I've accumulated over the years. I needed to post some pics of some tires for a buddy on Scale Avenue, so I made an Album just for Tim! Now it takes all kinds of pics I don't want to make a folder for.

WIP - 1938 Custom Ford Van

This one's the Lindberg kit, I picked some up at Ollie's while they were good and cheap. It's got a gorgeous chassis and suspension, along with great rims and a sharp looking engine and interior. No idea of a color yet, but I am considering some kind of Candy Yellow....we'll see!

1957 Chevy "Spirt of '57"

This is the Model King re-issue of the old MPC kit, and it's still a real pain to get it looking good. I had a severely warped chassis in mine, so I had to scratch-build a new chassis from the firewall back. Lots of fit issues, but those killer decals are still there! I painted mine House Of Kolors Oriental Blue over Dupli-Color Candy Silver, added foil and Molotow Liquid Chrome markers, and a Fatkidd Hobby Products pre-wired distributor, along with a resin coil and MSD style ignition box to the firewall. The firewall has a engine-turned decal from PRP Scale Decals. Contact Juan F. Sierra on Facebook if you want some of 'em for yourself!

WIP - The El Monte

This is my first build back after a 10 month layoff due to a shoulder injury i incurred on July 13th 2015.I'm still not 100%, but I've got the IPMS Nationals in August to attend, and I need a new build, so I'll suffer through a bit of pain.

It started with someone posting a picture on Facebook of a 1:1 Monte Carlo/El Camino custom, and I knew I had to make a model of it. It may not be my idea, but I'll at least be the first to make a model of it! A slight modification is needed though, the only '73-77 El Camino kit available is in resin, and I'm not gonna pay $60 to hack it up, so an '84 El Camino will have to do.

1965 Chevy Pickup & Hemi Hydro - Toney's Tribute Truck

This one is a replica of a model that a good friend of mine built as a Forum Project on Scale Avenue prior to his unfortunate passing after a battle with cancer on July 14th, 2014. Toney was a great guy, and a very talented builder who made everyone he came in contact with feel like a lifelong friend, and he is dearly missed. I hope you like it Toney, it's the least I could do to honor ya brother!

WIP - 1957 Chevy - Spirit of '57

Model King's re-issue of the old MPC Spirit of '57 kit. I built this one many, many times as a kid, and never got it right. This time, it will come out looking good!

Kit Decals

Scans or pictures of the decal sheets from various kits, no rhyme or reason attached, I just had pics of the first two laying around and felt the need to do something with them! I'll add more in as they get scanned...

WIP - 1967 Nickey Camaro SS/RS 427

Revell's latest version of their new '67 Camaro kit, and it's pretty sweet! Plans are for some mild detailing, definetly a Fatkidd Distributor in there, and some other stuff. Tamiya paints all the way because I actually want to get it done quickly, Mica Blue is the color choice, and possibly a set of the new AMT Goodyear Polyglass tires if they'll fit, because they're so damn good looking!

WIP - Tamiya AMG Mercedes S600

WHAT? A Mercedes, and a Tamiya kit? Yeah, you read it right. A few years back a friend of mine (O-Man over on Scale Avenue) built a Mercedes 300CE, and I thought it was a gorgeous car. I couldn't fine a 300CE, but I did stumble across this kit for a great price. Since I'm on hold on my Spirit of '57 build, and the Nickey Camaro is on it's third body and paintjob, I decided to break this out and give it a shot!

Reference Pictures

Reference pics of various things I feel the need to add details to, no rhyme or reason needed, they're just here for future use!

Run To The Sun XXIX

The 29th Annual Pee Dee Street Rodders Run To The Sun. An overcast day, but at least it wasn't boiling hot! Some really cool stuff this year, and a few AMC's too, including a wicked custom Matador!

Panthers stuff

Anything Carolina Panthers related goes here!

1969 Olds Cutlass upgrades

When I built this kit, I forgot to do the foil on the wheel wells, and always hated the horribly bad chrome on the bumpers. Add to that the exhaust tips that are part of the rear bumper (And my exhaust exits out the side!), and you have things that have bugged me for over 20 years now. With the advent of the awesome new Molotow Liquid Chrome Markers, I can fix these problems with ease! I removed the tires and chromed the wheel wells with my 4mm marker, removed both bumpers and dechromed them, then removed the exhaust tips. While I was doing all that, I removed the bumper mounting bolts from both bumpers, and will replace them with straight pins once they're re-chromed! I'm awaiting my Molotow Liquid Chrome 30ml Refill so I can airbrush the bumpers instead of using the markers, I hope to make them look as smooth as glass when they're done!

Acrylic Fingernail Filler Tutorial

OK everyone, you've waited a long time, but here it is finally. I use Acrylic Fingernail Filler almost exclusively for my custom work, for a multitude of reasons. It's incredibly strong, versatile, and impervious to stripping methods we use, unlike putties and Bondo. It strengthens the joints made when mating dissimilar parts together, can be used to create small parts, and after 10+ years on my Concept Camaro, shows no sign of shrinkage. The down side is the smell, and it's very hard to sand compared to putties and Bondo. But with some practice on a scrap body, once you get used to it's application and sanding, you'll be hooked! This is a "beginner" tutorial on the use of Acrylic filler, we'll get into other application methods and uses in another Tutorial later.

WIP - Dodge/GM "Momad"

Here's my tribute to the still-born GM/Chrysler merger that was all over the automotive news a few months back. I actually had this idea years ago, but never got the time to do it. But it fits perfectly now, so why not get it started. I'm starting with Revell's 2006 Magnum kit, and making it into a two door, '57 Nomad style wagon. I'll add the '57 side trim, and vertical bars to the tailgate, and modify the front end so it loses the "truck" nose all the new Dodge products have these days.

1986 El Camino SS

Another box-stock build, and not the best kit I've ever worked on. This is the old MPC kit, and the tooling needs a severe clean-up, it's a mess. But here it is, paint is Dupli-Color GM Ruby Red, no clear coats, just a quick rub-down with some Meguiar's #7 and she's done. I did all the window and bed trim in Flat Black because it was such a mess that foil would have made it look horrible! The silver lining in this kit is a set of the awesome new AMT tires (No markings), but still great looking tires!

Opening kit grilles

Step-by-step instructions are included with the pictures.

BMF/Foil Work

The steps I use for doing foil work. Descriptions are below each picture, go forth and foil the world!

WIP - '32 Ford 5-Window

This one will (Hopefully) be my entry into the Revell/Gearz contest, if I can get it done in time. There's going to be a lot of things I've never tried before, and modifications I've never seen on a '32 Ford either, so wish me luck!

WIP - 1951 Henry J Gasser

Model King's re-issue of Revell's old '51 Henry J Gasser kit. I haven't built a gasser since I was around 12 (Dinosaurs roamed the Earth back then!), and this kit happened to become available, so I grabbed it. Paint will be House Of Kolors Lemon Yellow.

Click below to follow this build over on BMC!

Raleigh, NC IPMS Contest, May 15th 2011

Another IPMS contest, and I had to go and tick off the Judges (I use that word loosely), as is my normal modus operandi. I'll avoid any IPMS contests unless they're in Fayetteville or any run by Tim Kirkland from here on out, I'm tired of a bunch of rivet-counters who know very little about cars being in charge of any contest I've got stuff entered in. OK, rant off, enjoy the pics, and if you see one of yours, let me know so I can give you credit for it!

WIP - 1986 El Camino SS

Just a quick box-stock build of the old MPC kit to go along with the El Monte. The only modifications are removing all the side trim (It's really bad), and molding the nose onto the body, along with attempting to clean up the horrible trim around the rear window. This kit is not the greatest, it's actually a wreck. The interior is one hot mess, there are the remnants of two big ejector pin marks in the middle of the bottom of the seats, AMT needs to really clean this dog up before they release it again, it's in bad shape!

1977 Monte Carlo

This one is my first complete kit since injuring my right shoulder back in July of 2015, and it feels good to have one completed! It's the Revell Snap-Together kit, which is amazingly well done, with a bit of work you could turn it into a full-detail kit and have a really nice model! Paint is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel #530, Super Charge. Interior is Dupli-Color Fabric & Interior paints, vinyl top is Dupli-Color White primer. Some foil, a bit of detail painting, and we have one pretty nice looking kit!

WIP - 1977 Monte Carlo

Just a quick box-stock build of the Revell Snap-Together kit to go along with the El Monte, nothing fancy!

WIP - Concept Charger

Coming Soon! Revell's 2006 Charger with an AMT 1971 Charger roof! The nose and tail will be stretched, along with the chassis. New interior panels will have to be made, since this will be a two door, and the '71 Charger door shape will be used instead of the lame '06 doors.

Follow this link to a more in-depth build-up over on BMC!

Scale Avenue Muscle Car Build-Off winners

We recently completed a Muscle Car Build-Off on Scale Avenue, and I volunteered to paint the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners models. I'll post the pics of each kit as it gets painted, and once they're done, I'll get some pics from the winners to see how they turned out!

WIP - 1950 Chevy Pickup

What started as a simple build for the Fayetteville contest (I couldn't get it finished in three weeks, big surprise there!) has snowballed into a fully-detailed build. A real wood bed, custom dash gauges, and a whole lot of wiring and plumbing will soon follow, stay tuned!