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(Special Note: PLEASE don't forget to check out the section called: My Journals..............There are LOTS of good stories in there!)

I'm a 56 yr. old, extremely happily married, Christian woman who is married to the most wonderful, caring, thoughtful, handsome, romantic, Godly man in the world--and he's my soul-mate! We have two sons (Josh, age 24 and Jon, age 19) that are the greatest kids you'd ever want to meet. In addition to them, we have most recently added two more members to our family: Josh's beautiful wife, Chrissy, and their amazing son...our first GRANDSON, Noah. (born in May 2009) He is an absolute joy and we love him with all of our hearts. We are so totally blessed with this terrific family of ours...Praise God!

I have a twin sister, Sande, that looks just like me (poor thing), another set of twin half-sisters, Barbara and Beverly, an older sister Carol Lee, that's really cool, two half-brothers, Freddie and Tracy, and my brother, John, that's in Heaven.

Dion (my husband) has an older sister named Donna, two younger brothers named Daren and Drew and his older brother, Dana, is in Heaven.

I've known Dion since he was just a young boy before his brother, Dana, got killed in a tragic car accident. Dana was so special and amazing! He and Dion were very close and it totally changed the course of Dion's entire life to lose Dana like that.

It changed my life drastically, too. You see, I was engaged to Dana when he was killed in that car accident--and it was almost the end of my life, too. I loved Dana so much that I didn't really want to live when I lost him, but some how I found the strength--I didn't realize it then, but the Lord started watching over me in a special way and He would reveal Himself to me later on in my life. (I made a lot of wrong turns in my life, but they all lead me to where I am today--that's why I wouldn't change a thing!)

But right then, Dana's (and Dion's) father started watching over me--like I was part of the family--and this continued, right on through my getting married to an abusive husband and then divorced, moving to Texas, then to Virginia, then back to New York State--a span of about 25 yrs.--and then I found DION. Who but the Lord would have thought to have put the two of us together? Well, we're a perfect match, we're soul-mates and I just know that Dana is looking down from Heaven and smiling because he's happy for both of us! Praise God!

I'm a writer: I've written several poems and short-stories (both fiction and non-fiction) and I love to write letters and almost any kind of writing. Just recently, an art & literary magazine called UNIQUE/Arise accepted a short story I wrote entitled "The Rose" for publication in the tenth anniversary edition (October 2010) of their magazine, along with the works of 53 other very talented artists/writers. So now, I'm officially a "published" writer. However, my real goal is to publish a book or novella that I have written. My first love was to write crime-mystery type stories for young adults, but the book that I am working on right now, my debut, is going to be a paranormal historical romance for young adults. I'm very excited about it and I can't wait until you can see it.

Furthermore, I'm taking a two-year writing course at the Institute of Children's Literature to help me hone my writing skills (I've almost completed it!) and from there I hope to be able to take some more college writing courses. If you are interested in taking the two-year course at ICL, here is the url for you to contact:

In the meantime, I'm also taking an amazing 12-month writing course entitled: Holly Lisle's "How To Think Sideways Survival School For Writers". If you would like more information about that course, just "copy & paste" the following url into your computer's browser:

In addition to that, I am now a member of the most amazing critque group and I'm also taking classes here and there at Writers' Village University. Here is the url for them:

My husband and I both absolutely LOVE TO READ and he reads to me all the time. (it's one of my favorite things in the world to do!) Sometimes Dion, Jon and I will take a play and read it out loud, just the three of us. We'll have our own parts to play and we'll try to do the different voices and just play-act together and see how it goes. We have a blast together!

We collect antiquarian, first edition books, some autographed. We also collect antique clocks and have them all over the house--you should hear it when it's high noon! It might drive other eople crazy, but we love it; it's like music to our ears. We have so much in common that we fit together like a hand in a close-fitting glove. Dion is my everything, my soul-mate, and the love of my life.

I'm also interested in learning about photography so that I can take some really nice photos and maybe enter some contests here on Fotki. In addition, I'd like to learn all about PSP and tag-making so that I can create my own tags and share them. I'm hoping that I'll be able to do some really creative things by the time the kids get married, so I can create some exciting wedding album pages for them.

I sound pretty ambitious, along with wanting to go riding on the back of my husband's motorcycle with him and riding horses and all the other passions of my life. Where do I get all that time and energy? I'm glad you asked--sort of.

You see, that's the catch--I have all this ambition and all these dreams and plenty of time to do it in...but my body just won't cooperate with me. I'm disabled. Yeah, I stinks! It's been twelve years already and I hate it! Lots of people think--ooh, how cool--she doesn't have to work and she gets to stay home. Well, it's not all it's cracked up to be. It makes you feel kinda worthless inside (in a way--except that I know that I'm a child of the KING and that's awesome!) I want to do things and be productive and not feel like my life is being wasted. I know--volunteer, right? If I could, I would! I'm just in too much pain to do almost anything. I have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) which is otherwise known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)--which are both just big scary-sounding titles for basically just a chronic pain condition of the nerves which now seems to involve my ENTIRE BODY, but mostly my hands and arms.

At least my writing I can do in my head and thank God for the new soft-ware that types for you as you speak into the computer--it's amazing. And my husband is always thinking up inventive ways of helping me to do everyday-things that most people take for granted. Most days I can't even turn the door knob, unzip a zipper, open a ziploc baggie, or brush my hair. That's one of the reasons I'm so thankful for Dion. Right now I'm not able to do the cooking, so he's been doing it --and he even has to help me with showers sometimes. But he never complains or makes me feel like a burden--if he did, it could easily destroy my self-esteem--but instead, he's always trying to build me up! Yes, I'm a woman that is truly blessed!

Thanks for visiting with me for a while. I hope to have more stuff to share that's fun the next time you visit my page, but for now what I have are some blank tags to share~some snagged and some from groups that I am in. Please do not alter them in any way or claim the work as your own~these tags were created by talented artists who chose to share them so that others could freely enjoy them. Thank you.

I also have an album entitled: My Family that has just a few photos of my family and other items that are important to us. And I have an album entitled: Mama Kitty and Her Babies that has some really adorable pictures of the litter that Mama had on June 30th, 2006. In addition, there is an album entitled: My Honda and Other Motorcycles that is really cool. Also, I'll be adding to the tags and the photo album as I find items to add and be sure to visit: My Links, My Videos, and My Journals for some really special goodies. Well, I guess that's about it for now. I'll sign off until next time.

God bless you and I'll see you again real soon!

*Hugs and Prayers*

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