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50 things why it is worth to enjoy the life:

1. Dances
2. Weekend
3. Laugh
4. Toys
5. Trips
6. Sport
7. Games
8. Books
9. Drawing
10. Theatre
11. Circus
12. Nightsky
13. Animals
14. Fishing
15. I
16. Mountains
17. Vacation
18. Bonfire
19. Sea
20. Flowers
21. Ice-cream
22. Forest
23. Countryside
24. City
25. Sex
26. Sms
27. Friendship
28. Health
29. Work
30. Family
31. Sun
32. Sweets
33. Beauty
34. Colours
35. Smile
36. Movies
37. Love
38. Studies
39. Letters
40. Hobbies
41. Celebrations
42. Friends
43. Gifts
44. 4 seasons
45. Coffee
46. Good actions
47. Cars
48. Silence
49. Music
50. LIFE
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Thursday, December 8, 2005
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Lithuanian, English
Kai gandras mane atnese, tevai ilgai juokesi ir is pradziu norejo pasilikti gandra
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I like everything which is crazy. I mean, various madness, volleyball, dreaming, etc. I love watching the sky. I love it. I like to sit on the covered tree over the rivulet and watch the running water. I like scaring people with my crazy actions, like sla
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