my models W.I.P.

Models that are under construction or planning. Some have been u.c. for over 35 years. Most are over 5 years w.i.p. Maybe I'll finish them before I die. Maybe.

My Models cars--built

Plastic model kits completed and diecast cars that have been disassembled, repainted and/or modified.


2005 1500LT 4wd Suburban and 2004 Yukon XLT Denali

My diecast models

1/12, 1/16, and 1/18 scale. These are mostly out of the box with some minor corrections in detailing, and a good polish/wax job. Most are not modified unless they misrepresented details of the actual 1:1 car.

The 3 Ford GT40's are the 1966, 1967, and 1969 LeMans winners. As of this date there is no 1/12 diecast of the 1968 LeMans Gulf GT40 winner.

My Ships

I built the Constitution in 1970-71 while stationed in the Azores (Portugal). It was done mostly by kerosene lamplight as we had rationed electricity (and water). It has traveled approx. 9000 miles since finished. The PT-109 is recent, but one I always wanted to build in honor of Lt.jg Kennedy who my parents served with in WWII.

1965 corvette

from race car to street & show perfection

Brad Norris paint-Las Vegas, 1986

1966 Mustang GT restoration

Restoration of my 1966 Mustang GT convertible. Brad Norris detailing and paint 2005-2009, Las Vegas.

1977 Jaguar XJ6C

restoration: all interior, exterior, remove vinyl top.

Eddie Martinez paint/interior-Hollywood, 1988.

My models to build

Some of my rare 1/12 scale models I haven't started on.

1991 ZR-1

My ZR-1: upgrades, rebuilding,restoring, other ZR-1s.

my 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix

Great cruiser I had such plans for. Made the mistake of selling it because I thought the engine needed rebuilding. It only needed a better tune-up but it was too late. I want another someday.

1967 GTO

1967 GTO 400/4bbl/AT/aircond/Hurst/Mariner Turquoise/white/white + Rachel

1965 Mercedes 220SEb Cabriolet

bare metal restoration of rare cabriolet

Brad Norris paint, 1987, Las Vegas.