EBBRO Citroen H French TV Van

Another excellent EBBRO kit for which I wanted to create something unique. It is the French TV Broadcaster -Radiodiffusion-Télévision Française (RTF – French Radio and Television Broadcasting).

Saline Solution 5

Although number 5 in the series it is the ninth completed. Started with the Monogram FireBolt. Decals refer to my friends company and his name is there as the driver.

2015 Porsche 919 LMP1-H

A multi-media Studio 27 kit. I was pretty tired of doing decals and took a couple of weeks break during that process.

2007 Porsche RS Spyder

This is the Studio 27 multi-media kit. I was concerned about applying the decals over the louvers so masked and painted those parts. This is built as it appeared winning the Mosport ALMS I attended with my wife.

Maschinen Krieger Hornisse

A really neat kit from the Maschinen Krieger series started in Japan in the 1980's. I added lighting and smoke for the vertical take-off engines and a light for the thrust engine. Also first time I have done a camouflage paint job.

Tamiya Fiat 500

Given to me by Steve and built as a replica of a car my wife and I rented in Italy.

Citroen 2CV Fourgenette Michelin Service Vehicle

Nice kit by Tamiya-Ebbro. Tools and tires (from Ebbro DS19 kit)

1953 Studebaker Saline Solution 3

AMT kit with AMT Piranha mid-engine drag chassis. Third in the Saline Solution Series but the eighth completed.

1974 McLaren M23 Winner Canadian Grand Prix Work in Progress - FINISHED

I attended this race but the year before I bought a camera. Tamiya Kit with RB Motion fittings, Protech braided hoses, E-Jan engine details, and Mac's Modelling resin and metal pieces. Zero paint for McLaren

Citroen DS19 by Ebbro

This is possible the nicest kit I have ever made. The photos don't do the Zero paint justice as it is more yellow than shows up.

1996 Le Mans Winning Porsche

Built from Le Mans Miniatures resin, photo-etch and vacu-formed material. Nice kit,

Saline Solution - El Stretchamino and Streamlined Go-Kart

Another in my series of salt flat racers. This is number 7 and 7 1/2 comprised of a stretched AMT 59 El Camino and Streamlined Go Kart from Replicas and Miniatures

Protar Lancia LC2

An old kit from 1985. Fairly simple with large parting lines and sink-marks. The decals were a major pain as they were old, immovable (almost) and tore coming off the paper even after a long soak. Still a great looking car and a reasonable model if not examined too closely :)

Pagani diecast conversion

Christmas gift. Stripped body and repainted iconic Gulf colours. Also repainted wheels.

Saline Solution Six

This is made from the Revell Formula One Boat. Wheel covers are from spoons. Turbine engines are from an original AMT Howmet and the reissued Can-Am Racer.