2006-01-21 NYC - Central Park with 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L (20D)

Every picture in this album was shot with my new Canon 100-400 f/4-5.6L.

2005-07-22 Possible my family entries (20D)

I don't have a tripod so I had place the camera on the coffee table and prop the lens up and then focus,set the timer grab popeye and sit back with Martha. Here is some of the results

2006-09-04 Las Vegas - Day/Night One (Casio Z1000)

The gangs all here. Tony, Kety, Val, Laura Marie(Kittypoop7)and Donkey met up with Matha and I in Las Vegas. They all live in Arizona, in case you didn't know.

I was too tired to carry the 20D around after a day a travel.

This was the only night the 7 of us were all together.

2006-01-21 Laguna Beach Star Kristen Cavalleri Filming in Times Square NYC

Testing out my new 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L
This is actually my first time ever stumbling above a star in NYC.

2005-07-31 Bronx Zoo - The Gorillas of Congo Land (20D)

Gorilla are just like you and I. They make the same expressions we do and we jump and run around like them. They are by far my favorite part of the Bronx Zoo.

2006-03-17 NYC - Saint Patricks Day Parade - The Parade (20D with 24-105 and 100-400)

I was going to wait till I finished checking the 100's of pictures I took of the parade before posting them for the world to see. I realized at this rate, I would have them up until next year. LOL.
I'll post 72 at a clip after I turn them and dump the bad ones. Then I'll go back and tweek the whole album once they are all posted.

2006-09-04 Flight from EWR to LAS (Casio Z1000)

For once I had a perfectly clear window and a wing free view. The only thing that could have been better is if I was sitting on the side of the plane with the Hoover Dam view.
Newark NJ (EWR) to Las Vegas NV(LAS)

2002-12-27 Atlantic City,NJ - Ballys Parking Garage (4900)

It was way to cold to take pictures in that day so I left the camera in Vals' Van and only took pictures from the parking garage.

2006-02-25 NY Botanical Gardern -- 2006 Orchid Show (20D)

I'm so sorry there is so many pictures. There were over 500 types of Orchids there.
Different people liked different orchids so I tried taking picures of all of them.

2004-09-03 Anritsu-Money-TDI Flowers-Martha's Moms Apartment

I just noticed dirt on my ccd. I will be returning this camera a week from Saturday for a new one.

2005-12 Sony DSC-P100 December 2005 (P100)

I bought the Sony DSC-P100 about a year ago as a carry everywhere type of camera.

It's the perfect compliment to my Canon 20D.

Here are a few of this months pictures.

12-04-05 First snow(3 inches) DSC07086--DSC07110
12-10-05 Next Storm(8 inches) DSC07126 -- DSC07164
12-15-05 Bergenfield Apartment Complex explosion 2 days later DSC07165 -- Dsc07184
12-17-05 NYC _ Christmas tree Plus More DSC07185 -- Dsc07242
12-24-05 Maria and Jim in Stop&Shop Meatroom(Jim's Whole custom was $1) DSC07245 -- Dsc07248
12-26-05 Me being me - I hardly ever dress up and never wear my glasses DSC07252 -- DSC7300
12-30-05 Laurie and I goto NYC - Poor Martha had to work DSC07304 -- DSC7602
12-31-05 Snow (1.5 inches) on New Year Eve Day DSC07605 -- DSC7638