1969 Charger

Here is the story behind my build of Revell's '69 Charger. I was driving down my street one day when I saw a neighbor giving his '69 Charger a bath in his driveway. I had never seen this car before! I quickly pulled over and asked him about his car. While we were chatting I noticed that even though it was a single color car, it had the chrome trim around the 'C' pillar like a vinyl roof car would. I asked about it and he told me that when he purchased the car it did have a vinyl roof but he removed it when the car was re-painted. However the body shop forgot to fill the trim holes. So he just kept the trim. I asked what color the car was originally and he said it had been white with a green vinyl roof and green interior (he kept the interior). So I kept this info in the back of my head for future use. When I decided to build a '69 I thought it would be fun to do a build of an unappealing car. I had heard the term 'Lot Queen' applied to cars that sat on the dealers lot for a long time. Weather due to color of maybe it was just optioned poorly it sat there until it was so heavily discounted that someone finally bought it. Here is that car. It's not an R/T. It has a 383 with a 2 barrel carb and a single exhaust system. Automatic tranny. White line tires. If a bench seat had been an option I would have done that but there was no bench seat for the '69 Charger. So I added a 'Buddy' seat. Drum brakes all around . I have added captions to some of the pics telling what is what. I hope you enjoy my Plain Jane Charger!