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We promote all things organic and natural for hair, skin and beauty. Join our community for valued information on natural / organic practices for a healthier you.

My Hair Regimen:

1. Co-wash once a week with Nu Surge conditioner.

2. Full wash once a month with Nu Surge shampoo & conditioner.

3. Hydratherma Protein balance leave in conditioner once a week after washing or co-washing.

4. Deep condition once a month with homemade products adding my own essential oils.

5. Massage my scalp daily using Hydratherma growth oil & Hydratherma moisturizing growth lotion.

6. Spray my hair once a day using Hydratherma follicle Mist.

7. Spray my hair once a day with African Pride (Daily Doctor) leave in conditioner.

8. If I want more defined curls, I use TRESemme 5 gel to lock in my curls. Ultra firm control.

9. Take Nzuri Kra-Z hair vitamins daily.

10. Sleep with a silk or satin bonnet at night.
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Sunday, May 13, 2012
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Hair, Beauty, rollers, flexi rods, natural hair, relaxed hair, curlers, curls, beauty, skin care, nail polish, nappy hair, kinky hair, curly hair, bath & body, hair journey,
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