luv me in a NATURAL WAY!!! check my Utube vids!
luv me in a NATURAL WAY!!! check my Utube vids!(dontuwishuknu) avatar
Hey Everyone...

I'm pretty new to this fotki thing so don't judge me lol... I've been on youtube 4 a awhile so I really haven't taken 2 many pictures. For details on some of these styles check out my channel. Also check me out
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Im taking 100% organic and natural vitamins by the brand called Nutrilite. I take a women's supplement pack which includes

-HAIR, SKIN, AND NAILS : rich in Biotin which promotes the growth of hair and nails
-CAL-MAG D: Calcium & Magnesium for bone health, Vitamin D helps the absorption of calcium and magnesium
-OCEAN ESSENTIALS: DHA which is found in fish (I don't eat seafood so this is great lol)
-DAILY VITAMIN: Has 24 daily essential vitamins and minerals
You can order them @
Click on Vitamins and Supplements->Women's Health


Right now I have yarn braids in my hair. I LOVE THESE THINGS! But anyway, I oil my scalp every night with either jojoba oil or castor oil (if I use castor I do it every other night) and massage my scalp for 5 minutes. Then I spray my hair with my braid spray (glycerin and water) and seal with jojoba or castor oil. I keep my hair in a scarf as much as possible. I am still using the same products as below, I just do not co-wash right now.

October 1st, 2009

Ok, so I haven't really been pressed about the length of my hair... I've been more concerned about keeping it healthy. But starting in October I will be starting a challenge. I am going to be doing low maintenance protective styles to grow my hair. Most likely I will be braiding my hair so I can wear quickweaves and I can manage my natural hair better than with a sew-in weave. If you want to join me let me kno!

So between October 1 and April 1, I am only wearing protective styles. Most likely I will be wearing wigs so I can take care of my hair underneath. It is going to be really hard for me because I'm gonna miss my hair : ( but I am allowing myself a few times to wear my natural hair out during this challenge (When I go party, and 3 random days throughout these six months).

Current Products
+essential oils (coconut oil or jojoba oil)

+Megatek (growth aid, high in protein)

+aloe vera juice or gel ( moisturizer)

+Dr. Bronners castile soap (mildest soap

+Conditioner- Vo5 moisture milks

+Protein Treatment- egg and mayo

+Deep Conditioner- Lustrasilk Colesterol

*Braid Regimen= after washing, I allow my hair to air dry. Once dry, I section off my hair and apply aloe vera juice or gel. I rub it in so it reaches my scalp. Then I "grease" my scalp with megatek and jojoba oil or coconut oil. When I'm done, I braid my hair into six big cornrows. In the morning I throw on my hair and I'm ready 2 go! lol

Saturday (1st day of the week for my hair)- wash day. Wash with Dr. Bronners mild baby castile soap. Condition with Vo5 conditioner. Protein treatment... only apply 2 inches away from roots. (I do that because I am using Megatek growth aid with is high in protein... dont wanna protein overload!). Deep Condition with Lustrasilk shea butter deep conditioner. Leave in for an hour n a half. Rinse out and allow hair to air dry. Once dry, I do my braid regimen.

Sun,Mon,Wed,Fri- As soon as I come in the house, I snatch my wig off lol and I put essential oils on my scalp. Then I put a shower cap on and tie my scarf around it. My hair LOVES this. It creates this heat box, and my hair and scalp just soak up the oils. I'm thinking of baggying my hair during the day...

Tues,Thurs- Cowash day. When I'm not being lazy I take my braids out and cowash with V05. Then I do my braid regimen.

So there you have it! I will be posting my starting point pics up pretty soon!

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