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Well Lauren sleeps with everyguy she meets. Probly has every known sexual disiese and cheats on her boyfriends, watch out fellas. Lauren one of the last things ure mom said to me is "All u say about lauren are negative things." Welll i guess i was right all along. As for Ed Cheatham hes a 21 year old guy that cant seem to get with girls his own age, i wonder whats wrong? Maybe its the fact that he can barely live on his own. Maybe because he just cant seem to get a half way decent life. Wait I think i might have got it now maybeeee just maybe its the fact that he is an asshole who hurt his brother more than he will ever understand, the brother that at a drop of a hat would help the guy out and has for the past 17 fuckin years. Thanks alot you worthless pieces of shit.
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Saturday, February 4, 2006
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