Crane pics from on the job and others.

jobsite iron

Pics of equipment and trucks on the jobs i've been on.

Mercury Lit'l Toy & Gibbs

Including Mercury of Italy, Mercury USA, Lit'l Toy, Gibbs, Mini-Dinky and other Hong Kong copies.

The Holtec DAVI plate roller

Worked on this project from beginning to end at Holtec. The amount of time and work that went into the pit for the Davi roller alone was astonishing. The Davi can roll 5" thick plate steel into a barrel.

Early 1970's C&H Transport Mack FL700's

These two Mack Western FL700's are dedicated to C&H Transportation of Dallas, Tx.
When i was a kid growing up in the 70's we would frequently drive past one of their satellite yards which was in Bordentown , NJ. My eyes would be glued to the back window to see all the cabover Petes, Marmons, Macks, White Freightliners, etc lined up in all their plethora of licensing plates, fuel tax stickers and ICC badging. Lol

My Blue 1987 FJ60 Toyota Land Cruiser

Old Blue.
These pics will be of the tearing down, parts accumulations, and building back up. More than anything, this photo album will probably help me put it all back together right! ;)

Prototype lowboys

Here's a bunch of lowboy shots most all of which are from on the job.Randy Krieg from Alaska sent the T800W and Kevin McKay sent some as well.

2006 Mack show at Gerhart Equipment in Lititz , PA

What can I say....Old Macks , an awesome shovel,crane,truck and equipment boneyard and cool weather.
I can say no more.

Mack Granite w/ R&S Aluminum dump body

I decided to build a copy of a neighbor's R&S dump body to begin with. His is mounted on a Kenworth W900B chassis. I scratchbuilt the 1/87 body which I later traded away the masters to Bob Johnson at Masterbilt Models (
He produced them in resin and I believe at this time (April-2006)they can be gotten from Truck Stop Models ( resin Mack Granite is also from Masterbilt Models and available from Trip at TSM.
Here are some photos of the construction.

Euclid Bottom Dump

This is a Euclid 70FDT-89W bottom dumper that is produced by Don Mills Models.It is a great resin kit and being a Euclid collector of memorabilia it is probably my favorite construction piece in 1/87 to date.

Kenworth T800 w/ Hiab knuckle boom crane

This specialized truck model was built with a Dennis Aust T800 kit and a Herpa knuckle boom.

Pipeline job

Some cool pics of all the different iron, situations and people on a 36" gas pipeline job I was on in 2005.

Mack B-875 Oilfield Bed Truck

Using the excellent Don Mills Models Mack B-875 Universal Chassis resin kit .
Scratch building the Hobbs flatbed, front bumper, headache rack and Tulsa winch and ther details.

2006 Macungie ATCA truck show

A few trucks that caught my eye at the Macungie, PA truck show this year.

1945 Mack FCSW Water Truck

Using cast resin parts from Don Mills Models Mack FCSW kit I decided with the help of the excellent Iconografix book "Mack FC-FCSW-NW 1936-1947 Photo Archive" to build a water truck.
Don's kit which was master patterned by friend Ralph Ratcliffe, is an awesome resin kit in itself but I wanted to try and finetune some of the detail that is not possible to cast in resin.
This particular model will be a Cummins powered version as well.

Mammoet Oilfield Kenworth C-500B

Using the Dennis Aust C-500B cab and his oilfield chassis and tire parts to make a Mammoet tractor.
A fair amount of scratchbuilding superdetail parts is involved.

Prototype Dump trucks

These pics were taken by me on the job mostly.Brother engineers and myself loaded most with various forms of hazardous waste material and debris, what we call "hazmaticus" ; )

Old Mack Brochures & Specs

Some old Mack specs and brochures from my collection.