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Hello everyone!

Here's the link to my pinterest if interested where I archive highly textured hair in all it's glory! http://www.pinterest.com/herlucidsky/

We are all faced with the high demands in our daily lives. This can often lead to a search for ways to escape it all, just for a little while. Well, that's where the array of interest and or hobbies come in to play, so we definitely need our little space to just be. But often times, there are certain hobbies that may seem strange or trivial to some while it is a totally different experience for others. Just live and let live. We can't always take life so seriously or else we will most certainly drive ourselves mad! This is one of my little spaces where I like to hang out and talk about all things hair as well as other beauty related topics. You may be surprised at how discussing hair can bring about so much awareness and positivity within our communities.
Welcome to my page. Enjoy!


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Why am I on this site? I'm here to be inspired, learn, help and share!


Here are some Stats and Q&A's about my hair.

**1. Last relaxer: Sometime in July 2008

**2. Current length: Butt length.

**3. Current state: Natural.
I transitioned for 3 years.(For the newbies, this means that I grew out my relaxer without chopping of the relaxed ends until 3 years later.)

**4. Hair Goals: 1. Healthy long hair.
2. Simplest regimen with minimal products.
3. I am curious about my terminal length, if there is such a thing. I wonder if it can grow down to my hips? My thighs? Beyond? We'll just have to wait and see.

**5. Regimen: Check out my product album.

**6. Hair type: Not sure, but for all intents and purposes I'm guessing it's a combination of both 3c/4a...I don't really understand hair typing nor does it matter to me. This is how I type my hair: It is multi/highly textured and this is how it grows from my scalp; When dried without product it is coarse, dry some parts wavy, very frizzy, kinky, thick, puffy, big and soft. Wet or with product it is wavy, smooth, course, some parts frizzy, some parts curly. It has a mind of its own, this is why I don't understand the hair typing system.

**7. When did you BC? I chopped off the remainder off relaxed hair after 3 years July 26th 2011.

**8. How often do you trim? I will trim only if it is necessary, other than that I may do the search and destroy method when needed. I did the same thing while transitioning.

**9. What were your favorite transitioning styles? The first year I did braidouts and occasional ponytails. During the 2nd and 3rd year I did mainly braided buns, sometimes braidouts and ponytails.

**10. When did my hair journey begin? After my last relaxer in 7/2008, I thought about putting an end to the relaxers but did not officially decide until the end of that year. I then became serious about my hair journey during the spring of 2009.

**11. What length was your hair when you started this journey? I was around mid-back length at 9 months post relaxer.

**12. How did you retain length while transitioning and as a natural? During my transition, the first year I did a lot of braid outs but beyond that it was buns 98% of the time.. Another thing was that I made sure to always saturate my pony tail/ends with moisture and I always locked that moisture in with something heavy like shea butter or oils. As a natural I do the same thing. I believe it's a combination of practicing gentle and healthy hair care techniques with nourishing products. Low manipulation and simplicity will get you far.

**13. Do you use growth aids or anything special for your hair? Nope, I've shared all that I do in my regimen. I don't knock growth aids but I do not feel that it is necessary for me at this time. I never used henna or anything of that sort but I will one day. Also, I focus on length retention instead of growth rate.

**14. Why transition back to natural? I just simply want my thickness and texture back. The permanent straight hair got really boring for me and I HIGHLY despised the whole process and going to the salon. Also, I think I underestimated my hair. I want to see my natural hair at its full potential, enjoy and embrace its versatility and have a little more fun with it especially since I've always been hair lazy.

**15. Why a long term transitioner? There was no point in chopping off my processed ends all at once. My relaxed ends was still my hair nonetheless and I was in no rush to achieve my goals :) When the time was right I chopped.

**16. Would you ever consider relaxing again? No, but I did enjoy my relaxed hair while it lasted. The thing that started it all was that for the first time in my life, I was able to grow my hair to waist length and this happened while I was relaxed. So this proved that whether your hair is relaxed or natural, if you care for it, it will flourish. I truly enjoyed my relaxed hair, it was so very convenient but I've come to truly understand and appreciate the versatility of my natural texture. And with this new found knowledge of hair care, my natural hair is even more convenient. No more relaxers for me :)

**17. Did you always have long hair? My hair was around waist length during my relaxer days back in 2006-07. But as a child/teenager it never grew too far beyond bra strap while natural. While transitioning it grew past waist length.

I enjoy reading other fotki profiles because I learn something new almost every time and I get most of my questions answered this way, so go ahead and explore my page.

Any other questions or concerns never hesitate to contact me, but keep in mind that I only know what works for my hair. When taking advice from others, always take it with a grain of salt. You want to always confirm the advice given with your own extensive research. Do not solely depend on others for help. Nonetheless I enjoy helping just as much as I enjoy asking questions too :) We are here to learn from each other! So with that said all opinions are accepted but at the end of the day, its my hair and I do what I want with it! I do what works for me! :)

Peace :)
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