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First....this site is family oriented. Anything children shouldn't see is set for adult advisory. I would appreciate other foktians to use the same courtesy and to act respectfully. I have been seeing some very distasteful avatars. We do not appreciate them showing in our guest list. Fotki...shouldn't be used to distribute porn. It should not be a place for perverts to gather. Most of our lady visitors are devout christians...and do not appreciate this behavior. I know Betty and I don't...we find it vulgar and disgusting. Please pass this on to your friends. Thank you.
We do not mean to step on any toes or hurt anyones feelings. Enough is enough...we really want this to be a clean site to be at. Please Fotki...make these people start using cleaner avatars and using cleaner usernames.

I had a question from one of our visitors about our Men's Hangout.
So I am going to try to answer this the best I know how.
Everything in our men section is....in good taste (not porn). Also it is for hidden from view of young eyes. The adult albums are set to,
"Viewer Discretion Is Advised". If you look at our newly added pics for anything that is adult oriented....the album shows a blank instead of a picture .
The humor is adult, the pinups and art pics are adult. But no pics that are vulgar .
The adult avatars, yes have vulgar language...I do not agree with using such avatars (by the way these are snagged from other sites) but still...they are used on social sites by others.
We try to have a bit of everything for all our visitors.

Now on to about us:

BumbleBee is Betty. LadyBug is Deb.
We are best friends and love doing stuff together. We thought it would be fun starting our own tag site.
So here we are! lol
We are both Grandmothers. Betty has two grandaughters and a grandson.
Deb has four grandaughters.
Deb's yahoo ID is gmorninglory@yahoo.com
General Information
Friday, June 18, 2004
tags, printables, scrapbooking, recipes, art, coloring pages, wallpapers, avatars, humor
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Hello! I hope all is well with you. I just want to send you Blessings and Wishes for Health and Ha ...
5 months ago

Have a Merry Christmas
5 months ago

Hi, a rose for you Tami
6 months ago

Happy Halloween
7 months ago

Hugs and blessings from a "Long Time No Type" friend. Take care and I wish you the best in 2017.
Sincerely, Christia
1 year 3 months ago
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