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Evangel College of Arts and Sciences, Springfield, Missouri

Bachelor of Science in PSYCHOLOGY with Music minor, 1989

Master's Degree in Education from Southwest Baptist University, 1997

Certificate in Computer Information Technology, Coastal College of Georgia, 2009

I began my more intense work/training with computers in 1995. I accepted a postion at a school in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where a new Middle School was being constructed. Upon its completion, I helped obtain computers for all the special education classrooms in all buildings, and I helped install and maintain all of them to meet State monitoring requirements. A few years later, I transferred to a Missouri school as the Special Education Coordinator, where I obtained a grant to furnish all the special education classrooms with computers. Once again, I set up all the computers, networked them between rooms, and was responsible for all computer maintenance/troubleshooting. After that, I moved to Georgia to teach, and successfully acquired computers and set them up in the special education building in all classrooms. Also being a musician, I have set up a very expansive home computer network with which I do all kinds of musical recording, editing, and programming.
2001 to Present
I have been self-employed as a performer/entertainer, providing piano entertainment for such places as The Cloister, The Jekyll Island Club Hotel, The Ritz Carlton at Amelia Island, many fine restaurants in the surrounding areas, as well as private parties, receptions, and weddings. This type of work has slowly gotten slower and slower, as people make “cuts” in their budgets due to the economy, slower tourism, etc. So, this winter I began taking classes for my CCNA, and began heavy online research to learn even more about all aspects of computers/technology - with the intent of directing my career toward that area.

2000 to 2001
Glynn County School System, 1313 Egmont St., Brunswick, Georgia, 31520
Teacher. Educational Behavioral Disorders/Learning Disabilities
I was placed by the county at Morningstar Treatment Center as the director of their education program, with 3 other teachers under my supervision. It was here that I actively sought out and acquired funding needed to furnish all the classrooms with computers, then installed them and maintained the entire computer system, including all troubleshooting.


Blue Eye Schools, Blue Eye, MO
Special Education Supervisor and Teacher
As a special education supervisor and teacher at Blue Eye Schools, I was responsible for all the normal teaching responsibilities of a special education teacher for 15 middle school students with the disabilities of LD, BD/ED, MR, OKI, and VI. I performed the same assessments as in Eureka Springs and held all the same types of meetings with parents and staff. However, as supervisor, I was responsible for all referrals, performing screenings, setting up all necessary school testing and/or private testing, arranging for all outside services (i.e., PT/OT, family counseling, etc.), supervising the work performance of all special ed teachers and paraprofessionals, and reviewing all files to ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local requirements. I attended numerous conferences, classes, and training sessions to learn how to best work with the students in the school system with visual impairments. Weekly staffings were conducted by me in order to provide teachers with the necessary training and assistance to best perform their teaching responsibilities, I performed school-wide staffings to help teach "regular" teachers how to appropriately teach special needs students in their classrooms. All special education forms for the school district were developed by me and were then shared with other neighboring school districts that were also having to deal with the re-authorization of IDEA. All special education-related meetings were chaired by me. The special ed budget was under my supervision. All "counts" and caseload numbers for the State Department were also tallied and reported by me. Due to the extreme workload and extensive paperwork involved with this position, I also had a full-time assistant and a full-time typist.


Eureka Springs Schools, Eureka Springs, AR
Special Education Teacher
As a special education teacher at Eureka Springs, I was responsible for teaching 23 students with varying degrees of disabilities. I performed computer-based evaluations on the students (i.e., Woodcock-Johnson, WIAT, Vineland, Devereux, BES, etc.) and scored the various tests. All necessary paperwork was completed within timelines, and meetings were held with parents and staff to determine student eligibility for services, as well as to discuss progress, student transition needs, behavior modification plans, and develop educational plans as outlined in each student's Individual Education Plan. These students were in grades 5-9 and experienced great educational success while under my instruction. A new middle school was opened during my teaching period in Eureka Springs. I was responsible for developing the special education department and its many programs in this new school. It was quite a challenge, but I successfully implemented an outstanding inclusion program and spoke at various state conferences and workshops for the purpose of sharing my tactics with other education professionals wishing to start similar programs. I successfully obtained computers for all the special education classrooms, set up the entire system, and performed all tasks related to the system’s upkeep/maintenance, as well as all troubleshooting. Upon completion of my second school year in Eureka Springs, I was offered and accepted a Special Education Coordinator position in Missouri.
1994- 1995
Glynn County School System, 1313 Egmont St., Brunswick, Georgia, 31520
Teacher. Educational Behavioral Disorders/Learning Disabilities
Taught Learning Disabilities at Burroughs Mollette Elementary School in a resource setting for 1/2 day. Taught Educational Behavioral Disorders second 1/2 day at Jane Macon Middle School. Made lesson plans, maintained student records. Held parent/teacher/staff meetings. Maintained effective learning environment. Input all student records into State computer database.

1991- 1994
Friedman's Jewelers, Brunswick, Georgia 31525
Assistant Manager
Generated jewelry sales. Trained new employees and manager-trainees.
"Billed in”, received, and distributed incoming merchandise appropriately.
Was responsible for store keys, alarm code, safe combinations, and all
employee security codes. Promoted charge accounts. Was responsible for keeping
store computer system and point-of-sale system working smoothly.
1991 to 1994
Belk Hudson Department Store, Brunswick, Georgia 31525
Sales representative/Musician
Worked intermittently as a sales representative and a musician for special
company occasions and promotions.
Handleman Company, Tampa, Florida
Sales Representative
Visited each retail account to inventory and service all music, book, video, and
computer software departments. Conferred with store management regarding
proposed changes to improve/increase sales. Scanned each store's physical inventory
weekly and electronically transmitted results to headquarters for inventory purposes.
U.S. Postal Service, Brunswick, Georgia 31520
Casual Clerk/Carrier
Sorted and cased mail of all classes, rates and degrees of urgency in a fast-paced and
heavily-regulated environment. Delivered mail within strict time limitations.
Responsible for security of mail, postal property, and government vehicles in my
1990 to 1994
Glynn County School System, Brunswick, Georgia 31520
Substitute Teacher
Worked intermittently as needed as a substitute teacher for all grade levels, schools,
and student types. Supervised classrooms, met objectives of lesson plans, and assured
completion of all student assignments in absence of regular teacher. Due to my computer
skills, was frequently called upon to fill in at various county school computer labs.

1990 to 1991
Coastal Area Mental Health, Brunswick, Georgia
Supervised and instructed four mentally handicapped adults in a residential
setting. Provided residents with opportunities for socialization and personal
growth. Position required extensive documentation and reporting of activities.

Charter by-the-Sea Hospital, St. Simons Island, Georgia
Mental Health Assistant
Maintained daily progress reports and charts on clients. Took physical vital signs
and assisted in occupational and recreational therapy. Admitted and dismissed
clients as instructed.
Charter by-the-Sea Hospital, St. Simons Island, Georgia
Mental Health Assistant
Maintained daily progress reports and charts on clients. Took physical vital signs
and assisted in occupational and recreational therapy. Admitted and dismissed
clients as instructed.

Carroll County Department of Human Services, Brunswick, Georgia
Social Worker Aide
Assisted social workers with caseloads. Supervised family visits. Participated in
family and group therapy. Transported clients and conducted in-home investigations.
Assisted in foster parent training. Completed all mandatory paperwork. Input all necessary information into State computer/information system.

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