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Welcome to my little place where I try to open up a little more and share some of my interests with you. The weirdness that come along with being me, I used to be ashamed of it, now, I embrace it.

Name: gothikk
Hobbies: graphics, tags, reading, writing, crafts
Loves: my dogs, my family
Sign: Libra - October 17th

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Everyone is welcome to my world. But first they must find the door.

the darkness that surrounds us cannot hurt us, it is the darkness in our own hearts we should fear.
-- Silvetris

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Sunday, July 4, 2010
Female gender
Broken English
tags, graphics, gothikk, goth, tag, luvrotts, dogs, rottweilers, jacki, luvrottz, rotts, rotties, RRC, Rusty, Red, Crow
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Hi Gothikk, Just wanted to say I love your layout and of course love requesting your terrific offers. Thank you so much for all you do for me. Have a great day each and every day. Hugs, Kim
8 days ago

Been awhile hope Ur doing well :)
2 years 2 months ago

No message
2 years 7 months ago

have a great week!
2 years 8 months ago

Happy Valentines Day Jacki... Hugz... :)
2 years 9 months ago
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German, Irish, English, Native American
Interests & Personality
tags, graphics, dogs, animals, horses, dark, art, yard work, gardening, knitting, goth, gothic, sigs, psp, tubes, blanks
Aerosmith Alice Cooper Bad English (The) Black Crowes Black Sabbath Bon Jovi Cinderella Damn Yankees Danzig David Lee Roth Def Leppard Enuff Z Nuff Europe Extreme Faster Pussycat Fates Warning (thanks longhairdude!) Firehouse Foghat Foreigner Great White Guns N Roses Helloween Iron Maiden Kiss Kix L.A. Guns Lita Ford Living Colour Man O War Megadeth Metallica Motley Crue Ozzy Osbourne Pantera Poison Queensryche Quiet Riot Ratt Scorpions Skid Row Slaughter Steelheart Tesla Twisted Sister Van Halen Warrant White Lion whitesnake Winger
comedy, biographies, cartoons
Family Guy, Futurama, King of the Hill, South Park, The Simpsons
My Grandma
true crime and really anything I can get my hands on
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aaron  aarthi  aautruche  abandoned  abdandoned  ac  ace  adele  adorable  adriana  adult  afternoon  ahrlene  alex  alice  alisha  aliya  aliyah  allen  allie  allison  alta  alyssa  am  amanda  amber  amethyst  amy  ana  analeigh  anastacia  and  andrea  andy  angel  angela  angelica  angels  angie  animated  anita  ann  anna  anne  annette  apachiesun  april  arator  aravia  arlene  arlette  asha  ashley  ask  ass  assmaster  attara  attention  august  autumn  awesome  babe  baby  back  bad  baddlt  bandit  barb  barbara  barbarann  bat  bats  bday  be  beach  beam  bean  beautiful  beauty  becca  becka  becki  becky  belle  below  belva  berni  bessy  bessybe  best  beth  bethany  betsy  bettany  betty  bev  bianka  big  bird  birgit  birthday  bitch  bitty  black  blakk  blend  bless  blessings  blinkie  blonde  blood  blooddaray  blue  bobbie  bonnie  booty  bootybandit  brad  braids  brandi  breeze  brenda  brendan  brendasue  brianna  bridget  brigitte  broken  brook  brooklyn  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