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March 2009

I did it. Got the scissors out one morning and cut off my hair. All natural now and sooo happy for it. I can wear my hair out now!

I will still keep my hair in box braids often, but right now I am enjoying the wash n' go.

I cowash daily, and always leave some conditioner (most conditioners are good) in my hair. This keeps my hair soft and keeps it from tangling/matting. So far, I only finger comb and it's working out well.

Sometimes (maybe once or twice a week) I will sleep with my hair under a plastic cap, saturated with a rich cholesterol conditioner.

My products are 1.Conditioner and 2. IC Fantasia gel on edges for puffs. I'm still a firm believer in minimalism.
September '08...

Okay wow, that was a cute little newbie profile below. lol. First year of haircare as been good. I kept my hair in braids with the exception of of 6-8 weeks in the summer. I quickly got used to having my hair hidden away in braids. Now, I feel most comfortable in that style. A few changes to my regimen:

- I stopped taking any vitamins or supplements a looong time ago because of a combination of cheapness and skepticism about their effectiveness.
- My oils of choice are now castor oil and shea butter.
- I still like Suave for on the cheap. My current favorite is Ion moisturizing conditioner.
- I still have my relaxed hair although my natural hair has completely taken over. I do not plan on relaxing my hair again, but I also do not plan on cutting my ends off any time soon. If and when they become a problem, I'll cut them off. But since I'll be in braids for another year, and since my relaxed ends have not been a problem when styling (straight or in a braid out), I see no need to get rid of them.
- I am all about the no poo and no manipulation. It works if you can manage to do it.

Someone once described the process of growing your hair long and healthy as "a process of benign neglect". That is my philosophy.

- Bra-strap length hair measured in September '08
- About equal amounts natural and relaxed hair (a bit more of the natural stuff at the nape and a bit more of the relaxed at the crown.)
- Bangs are all grown out (past my chin) for the first time in many many many years.
- Looks like 4a hair all around. Soft and spongy, very little curl pattern.
September 2007

I created this photo journal to document the results of my new hair regimen, a proactive journey to healthy, long afro textured hair.

In May '07 I hit rock bottom. I had been abusing my hair for years. I wistfully looked at photos of a younger me while pondering ways to style my hair for my college graduation. I had my first relaxer when I was 12 years old. My hair continued to be "healthy" until I hit high school.

Too much heat and overlapping relaxer treatments (done by yours truly) ate up my naturally thick hair. My relaxed hair doesn't look bad per se. Only my family and I know the tragedy of what used to be and what is now.

Contemplating cutting it all off and starting over, I started researching natural hair. I came across so many helpful sites. I had no idea I was doing SO MANY things wrong. My re-education has been shocking and inspiring. It's sad to me that true black hair care is shrouded in secrecy while the industry is making "a buck or two" selling cheap and non-beneficial products.

-Last relaxer May '07
-Normally shoulder length hair (because it won't retain any more length than that!) cut to neck length end of May '07
-Crown and Glory braid extension technique for ONE year started July '07
-Extensions in for 1 month at a time, removed for deep conditioning and protein treatments, then reapplied after 1 or 2 days.
-Saturate braids with moisturizer every other day with mix of S Curl (love it, works wonders for me), cheap Suave conditioner (dime size), and water. Seal with a natural oil (usually jojoba, almond, or olive oil).
-Biotin, multivitamins
-Loads of water and regular exercise.

Right now, I am not sure weather I am transitioning or just doing a looong stretch. My hair is doing well (minimal breakage) right now. As long as my hair is responding to the "moisture and oil" diet to keep the demarcation line soft and manageable, I will not relax until next summer (9-12 month stretch). Right now I just want to get my thickness and length back, and grow out my damn bangs! They haven't grown passed my nose since I cut them when I was 12!

Hoping for a fruitful year...
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