West Union IA Maps

Union.Twp & W.U. Maps, 1868, 1875, 1879, 1896, 1916

West Union IA 1878 History

West.Union.IA history from 1878 Hist.of.Fayette.Co.IA.

Walk-About Taylor Chapel Cem

Pics from a 2004 visit to Taylor Chapel Cem, Salt River Twp, Pike Co, Missouri.

Photo Survey Taylor Chapel Cem

Complete photo survey (2006) of Taylor Chapel Cem, Salt River Twp, Pike Co, Missouri. Starting in the NE corner of the cemetery, photos were taken walking down each row from north to south. Row one being on the east side of the cemetery, moving westward row by row. Pictures are in sequence as if one were walking along each row viewing row, plots, makers, inscriptions. There are numerous unmarked graves. Picture file names describe the row, with surnames listed for general plot locations. Pics are included of the chapel and area.

Love Station 2 Salt River Twp Pike Co MO

A walk-about inside the overgrown area along the bluff of what was Love or Riverland Station. Photos of the deer carcass dumping, vegitation and habitat, blue racer snake, building debris, building areas, fuel and grain tank foundation, old sulfur or salt spring. Basically the area is a trash midden or hunting camp unaware of the history of the location. iowaz@hotmail.com

Love Farm 1 Salt River Twp Pike Co MO

Pans and close-ups from the ridge and knoll area to the east or above the Love Cem/Gulley and farmstead area. iowaz@hotmail.com

Love Station 1 Salt River Twp Pike Co MO

Overview photos of the Love Station area from the Mississippi River bottoms and from the depot and railroad area. iowaz@swbell.net

Love Cem 2 Salt River Twp Pike Co MO

Location pictures and overview of Love Cemetery, Salt River Twp, Pike Co, MO. Pictures were taken on a very humid and overcast day so will appear 'cloudy.' iowaz@hotmail.com

Love Cem Marker Search Salt River Twp Pike Co MO

Picture series of searching for and uncovering marker fragments in the gulley to the north of the Love Cem burial ground. Markers were dozed into the gulley area decades ago to clear land for pasture. File names indcate the topic of some pics. iowaz@hotmail.com

Love Cem 1 Salt River Twp Pike Co MO

Love Cemetery location and area and Love farm overview from the east/west road, Sept of 2006. iowaz@swbell.net

Grassy Creek Cem Love Burials Pike Co MO

Love family burial markers in Grassy Creek (Fairview) Cemetery, Pike Co, MO, photographed Oct 2005, by Karen Krueger Tyler of the Love line. kruegertyler@comcast.net

Love Farm Knoll Salt River Twp Pike Co MO

Views of the Knoll and High Cabin area just up hill or east of the Love Cemetery and Farmstead. iowaz@hotmail.com

Locating Old Grassy Creek Cem Pike Co MO

Starting with a view of 'New' Grassy Creek Baptist Church and Fairfiew Cemetery. Looking southward and moving down the road about 3/4 mile south to park and walk 3/8mi westward into the wooded area around Old Grassy Creek Cemetery. Various pans and views of the area along the way while walking into and out of the cemetery area. Other albums contain pans, maps, burials listings and survey of the cemetery. iowaz@hotmail.com

Otsego Cem 2009 Jefferson Twp Fayette Co IA

Walk-through of Otsego Cem, just SxSE of Oelwein, Jefferson Twp, Fayette Co, Iowa. Pics are taken walking back/forth from the west side toward the east, every 2-3 rows. Pics are not down the rows but generally pointing eastward. This is not a photo survey. iowaz@hotmail.com