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I have very thick and kinky 4a hair. I relax every 10-12 weeks with Affirm regualar.

Updated regimen January 20, 2009:

I am currently on a work-out spurt so I've altered my regimen to fit my current lifestyle. I co-wash after every workout and I try to workout every day. I use Pantene R&N or CON purple label for my co-washes. I shampoo twice per week with CON green label (the one thats being discontinued). I deep condition every time I shampoo and sometimes more often than that. I usually use ORS Replinishing conitioner mixed with Porosity control. Every now and then, I'll deep condition over night in addition to my twice weekly DCing. I now use Motions Leave-in Conditioner. After washing and/or conditioning I apply this and ORS olive oil. With it being sooooo cold outside, I dont like to airdry anymore. I've been blow drying on cold and my hair feels very moisturized and soft. This may not be popular opinion, but blow drying on cold makes my hair feel better than when I air dry. (And when I say cold, I mean so cold that I can press the blowdryer nozle against my skin and it doesnt hurt, burn, or anything.)
I've been using Motions CPR as a prepoo sparingly. Adding that plus the nightly DCing and the cold blowdrying have greatly improved my hair.
My hair has stopped breaking almost completely and my frizzy ends on the left side of my hair have nearly disappeared without trimming.
I've only worn my hair down once since January 1st and that was soo against my will. I had a birthday party to attend. This is a far cry from my weekly blowdrying and flat ironing sessions.

I will upate my album with pics sometime in mid February. I try to take pics every three months. If I do anything more often than that I dont see much progress. My next touch up should be either Feb 6 or 13. I'll be 11 or 12 wks post.

My regimen as of July 10, 2008:

I wash my hair once per week and co-wash in between. I mainly co-wash because I work out and I need to rinse the sweat out of my hair every day. I co-wash with Pantene R&L. On actual 'shampoo' days I pre-poo with Mane and Tail Conditioner or Aphogee 2 min Reconstructor. I then clarify(yes i do this once per week) then use Cream of Nature (green label...currently in search of a replacement since they discontinued this product). I deep condition with ORS Replinishing conditioner mixed with Roux's Porosity Control. I usually leave this on for 30 minutes to 1 hour. I love how this stuff detangles and my ends have never been silkier. After I wash or co-wash, 99% of the time I airdry. First I apply ORS olive oil moisturizer to my ends then seal with jojoba oil. No I dont use Leave-in. I put cotton head band that goes all around my edges and the back of my head so they can dry flat. I dont sit under a hooded dryer during the summer I just walk around the house and let it dry. My hair always dries straight and I never have problems with tangles. When I wake up in the morning I use KeraCare foaming wrap to gently smooth my hair into a bun. I again apply my ORS olive oil moisturizer and jojoba oil to my ends and style for a doughnut bun. The scrunchie I use to secure my hair around the doughnut is always wet so that my ends dont dry out throughout the day. And thats pretty much it. I dont comb my hair unnecesarily during the week unless I'm rinsing because of my workouts. My regimen is simple.

*******Old regimen (6/2005 - 7/2006) that got me from Neck Length to APL in 1 year:

*********What I mainly did for my hair to get it to this healthy state is a number of things: During the summer, I slept with a plastic shower cap on my head just about every night with my hair very well moisturized underneath and my hair spouted! Also, I was deep conditioning every other day to restore my hair's proper moisture balance. The deep conditioning also helped strengthened my hair and I experienced minimal breakage. I did bi-weekly protein treatments to add strength and structure to my strands that relaxing removed. I tried to keep a good balance between moisture and protein because too much of either one can cause breakage (especially too much protein). 90% of the time I wore my hair in a protective style during the day to prevent breakage and minimize manipulation from combing, brushing, touching etc. Growing past neck and shoulder is said to be the most difficult part of growing relaxed hair long because of the rubbing on clothes that causes a heck of a lot of breakage at that point, so protective styling is critically important during these stages. I baggy everyday with profectiv healthy ends on my ends. I also took GNC hair, skin, and nail vitamins. Scalp massages are good for growth by helping to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles.********


My products are as follows:


Cream of Nature Shampoo and Conditioner

Suave Clarifying Shampoo

ORS Professional Replinishing Conditioner (in the bottle)

Roux's Porosity Control

Pantene Relaxed and Natural Moisturizing conditioner


Organic Root stimulator Olive Oil

Profectiv Healthy Ends (this stuff is very very thick and its not meant to be combed thru. I only apply it to my ends when I am going to place a baggy ontop and my phony bun to hide the baggy.)

Jojoba oil(not a moisturizer, but used to seal in moisture)


Main & Tail Conditioner (not a protein treatment, but my hair reacts to it as if it were)

Aphogee 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor

Aphogee Treatment for Damaged hair ( I rarely have to use this since I pre-poo with proteins so much)

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