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Hello all!! It's me Jet, better known as Robyn to all my real world friends. I'm 26 years old, born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama. I attended Oakwood for preschool, elementary, middle, high school, and college and I wouldn't change that upbringing for the WORLD. I majored in biochemistry in college. I went on to grad school at THE Ohio State University, where I pursued a mster's degree in Public Health. Unfortunately I never received that degree...I did eventually complete all of my requirements, but by the time I did I ran out of money and was unable to "officially" finish my degree. :( But God is still looking out for me, because He made it possible for me to get antoher job with AMC, and they are paying for me to get an MBA! I finish the MBA program in November 2005, hooray!! I'll finally have a grad degree after all these years, lol. After that I will be moving back to Huntsville for at least a year or so to work at AMCOM-SAMD, which I'm excited about, because I'll be doing a lot of international travel.

I'll add more as my life progressess...;)
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Thursday, August 7, 2003
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Black natural hair, fashion, music, photography (very amateur, but hey, I'm interested!), wholistic health, meditation, reading, self-improvement, shopping, accessories...
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