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This is my 2nd attempt at going natural. I did not do any research the first time and needless to say it was a disaster! I was still trying to comb my hair (with a regular comb!)and use the same products that I did as a permie. While transitioning I wore a wig daily and my hair was sooo matted underneath not to mention that my hair never got a chance to breathe. When I finally cut the relaxer off I paid $75 for comb coils that lasted less than a week. So what did I do? I texturized my hair and still thought that I was natural! After a while because I wasn't seeing any growth I permed my hair.

I have had relaxers since I was a small child and never felt that I had a chance to "learn" my hair. It has always been hard for me to get a perm without sustaining chemical burns even when I used "child" relaxers. I would make sure that I hadn't washed my hair right before a relaxer, I wouldn't scratch my head, I used vaseline, nothing worked.

I decided two and a half years ago that I was going to concentrate on the "health" of my hair so I started going to a hairstylist to apply my relaxers. My hair grew but I knew that every six weeks I still had to endure the chemical burns. When I told my stylist that I was thinking of going natural, he said that I wouldn't be able to follow through with it. That was my last relaxer in June 2005.

I met my hair March 4th, 2006 when I was finally 100% relaxer free and I learned that my hair has moods just like I do. I know when my tresses are mad at me, when they are sad and want attention but most of the time we get along so well, my hair and I. Our relationship has become so much more intimate now that I no longer have to shield her from the water and can touch her whenever I please. I am
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Saturday, January 6, 2007
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