Hello Model Builders,
My name is John Hilkert and I live in So. California. I build contemporary drag racing models. I have been building for 20+ years and really full throttle in the last 10 years. Well if you plan to build a 1st Place model it takes a lot of time. I have built a small collection of models so far. What got me started was my mother built the monster models like Dracula, Frankenstein or the werewolf. My first model that I built was a Godzilla Monster model with a lot of glue and badly painted body. Then my friend father took me to Irwindale drag strip to see my 1st field of fuel altered race. I remember that we were in the staging lanes when they were on the line and when they took off they went anything but straight. The flames the sound and the smoke I was so ecstatic that I new that I was hook on drag racing. So the next day I went to a Woolworth store and purchased my first dragster model (Big Daddy Don Garlits Windjammer Model car). With that model I cut school on Monday and spent building the model in my fort in the back yard. Many years latter I started to enter my model cars in the R.G. Canning shows. California. I won many 1st place trophies as well many ribbons. I greatest experience was one night while walking in the parking lot of this car show with my friend who also built model cars as well I was carrying my prize winning model car 1/16 scale California charger when I met a person named John Zendejas who work for get of load of this Research and development department for the drag racing model cars at Revell down in Torrance California. John gave each of us a business card and ask us would like to have personal tour of the plant where they mold the model cars. That Monday my friend and I cut school and took the bus from La Puente, California to Torrance, Ca. We finally made it there around 9:00 am and this was the greatest time that I enjoyed. Now after the tour john gave us he took us to a supply closet and said to me you can take as many model car kits that you can carry out so I ended up with 6 1/16 scale model kits and 6 1/25 scale model kits that all were drag racing type. When was time to go home I remember that both of our kits that we carried back occupied a full bench seat on the bus? When we got home boy my arms were so tired that I could not even build anything fell a sleep at the dinner table and next morning I cut school with my friend and open all the kits to examine them Out those kits I won many more contests.