Heartland Model Car Nationals 2009

The KC Slammer's 18th Annual Heartland Model Car Nationals was held the weekend of June 13 and 14, 2009. It was again at the beautiful Overland Park Convention Center in the Kansas City Metro area. The model count was down a bit this year - most likely due to the economy but the quality of what was entered was perhaps the best ever.

Our special guest this year was none other than Jimmy Flintstone "The Resin King". Jimmy drove down all the way from his home in Wisconsin and brought a whole van-load of his resin goodies for sale. Of course, he was presented the ceremonial "Honored Guest Chair" with custom upholstery by Judy Hardister and custom painting and striping by local artist Hot Rod Huey.

All the pics are on here now. We're still going to try to put the right recipient's picture after each award but we'll get that later! We didn't quite get everybody but we got a lot of pictures of some smiling faces

Mid-America Model Car Nationals 2010

Several of the Slammers (Phil, Steve, Bill B., Alyn, Chris, Cary, and Ellis) headed north on Saturday, Oct. 10, on a beautiful autumn day to attend this annual model car event.

The contest is staged by several of the major area vendors and also includes a major model competition with some serious trophies to be had.  Trophy winners from our club this year were Bill Barker, Steve Barnes, Alyn Loya, and Chris Lewis.

The event is unusal in the sense that is is put on by the vendors themselves.  As such, the vendors tables are full and center-stage with the model contest over to one side of the venue.  If you are seriously looking for someplace to lay down your cash, this is the show to be at!

A big Slammer "Thanks" go out to the great guys that stage this event every year.  Can't wait for NEXT October!!!

Heartland 2017

26th running of the Heartland Model Car Nationals

2007 Heartland Model Car Nationals

The KC Slammers hosted the 16th Annual HCMN in Overland Park, KS, at the beautiful Overland Park Convention Center on June 23rd and 24th of 2007. There were over 520 individual model entries in 29 categories. Contestants came from as far away as Colorado, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Our special celebrity judges were Elden and Jerry Titus, first-class customizers of 1:1 scale cars. There were over 55 vendor tables. In addition, we had local DJ Elvis Twitty providing music, raffles, promo giveaways, Hot Wheels Drags for the kids, and many other special happenings. The show was a roaring success!
Start making plans NOW to attend the 2008 HCMN to be held in mid-June, 2008 at the same location. The theme for the 2008 HCMN will be "50 Years of the Impala". Build that Chevy Impala in any style you like - stock, custom, rod, lowrider... well, you have the idea!
Enjoy the photo album! Just click on Slideshow, grab a beverage of your choice and a comfortable chair! Here are 748 photos of one of the best model car contests and shows in the United States - The 2007 KC Slammer's Heartland Model Car Nationals.

25th Annual Heartland Nations

Our 'Silver' year. 25 years of one of the best model car/vendor venues in the USA

2014 Heartland Model Car Nationals

Every year it just keeps getting better. We had entrants from six states and model count of around 450. Our vendors had their tables full and good bargains to be had were everywhere.

We still have to put the entire Awards Slide Show in this album so hang in there. Some of the pix are a little out of focus but given the number that were taken, overall we have a pretty good batting average! There may also be some of the pictures that only show as a white block with an image number on them. Don't know what's going on there, but we're working on it!

Heartland Model Car Nationals 2013

Here are candids, table shots of every entry, and the winning modelers (we missed a few of the people due to a camera problem - Sorry!).
Remember, you can download or print any of these pictures for free directly from the posted pictures. But, if you want really high quality or have them printed on just about anything, you can order them directly from FOTKI - prices depending on what you want of course!

Starbird Rod & Custom Show - Tulsa 2015

A wintry mix of weather made travel not so great to and from this show this year, but the cars were beautiful and the Starbirds always put on a great show!

Heartland Model Car Nationals 2012

On June 10, 2012, the KC Slammers Model Car Club staged the 21st Annual Heartland Model Car Nationals. Again this year, it was held at the beautiful Overland Park Convention Center.

Every year, the excellent models in competition and display amaze the public and our judging teams. This year there were over 400 models on the tables! The attention to detail and quality on the models continues to impress everyone. Subject matter is always varied, partly due to the Heartland's 32 judging categories, but mostly due to the imagination and creativity of the model-builders!

The vendors' tables were full of hard-to-find kits, supplies, and reference publications. As always, their prices were reasonable and it was obvious that our wonderful vendors came to deal. All of the vendors that were at the Heartland are listed (with contact information) on the Vendors and Sponsors Page on the club website kcslammers.com . They will be listed there until March 2013 in case you need to contact any of them!

Each year, we have businesses and individuals that sponsor our awards categories. We deeply thank each and every one of those that stepped up to invest in supporting our great hobby. We ask that you visit the businesses either in person or on the Internet to thank them for their support. They are also listed on the Vendors and Sponsors web page on the KC Slammers Website.

Entrants came this year from Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Texas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Colorado, and Canada! The Heartland is truly an international event !

But through it all, the #1 reason our KC Slammers Club puts on the Heartland is to inspire automotive modelers of all ages to build those great scale models we all love. It is our honor to be able to stage one of the finest scale automotive contests and shows in the USA. We consider it our duty to provide our participants with the best and most fun experience possible for two days every June. We've done it for 21 years so far and we plan on doing it for many, many more!

Thanks to all for making the 2012 Heartland Model Car Nationals a rousing success. Plan now for June 8 and 9, 2013, and another great Heartland!

Remember, with FOTKI, we have arranged it so you can download and print pictures right off the website. If you want higher quality, you can order prints of any size direct from FOTKI at a cost.

Slammers' Christmas Party 2014

Well, here are a bunch of us at the annual club Christmas dinner held at the NKC Community Center. It was a crisp cold winter night but a starry sky overhead. We had a little over 30 folks there and there was plenty of fun for all of us.
Not to mention... the food! (Ok - let's mention the food - because it was all great.) With the proceeds from the club's auction at the November Meeting, the club provided (for the second year) three huge trays of smoked meats - brisket, ham, and turkey - and BBQ beans from Jack Stack BBQ. In addition, the club bought all the plates and utensils and plenty of pop and bottled water. Everyone attending brought in salads, appetizers, chips, vegetable dishes, and desserts to fill out the buffet tables. Altogether, it was a great holiday meal for all attending. Dwayne B. provided some special fudge which we hope will become a holiday tradition for years to come !!!!
After we ate, the gift exchange took place. Again, this year we held the "Dirty Santa" event and only those that brought a gift for the fun exchange took part. We actually had one of the largest groups in recent years take part this year.
We had the room until 9, so we then had the chance to visit and share good times with others.
Special "Slammers' Thanks" go to Robert and Jerry for putting the whole affair together. It was a wonderful evening for everyone in attendance and Robert and Jerry did a lot of extra work to make it happen for all of us.

November 4,2014 Club Meeting

Here we are at our annual club auction. Each year the members of the club donate all kinds of goodies and we have an auction. The proceeds from the auction go toward the club's Family Christmas Dinner held on the December meeting date.
Despite the rather dour expressions on many of the faces here, you can be assured that everyone had lots of fun. This meeting is always one of the club's most anticipated of the year.

Tiger Con

The Central Missouri Scale Modelers held there annual show 'TigerCon' at Hickman High school in Columbia, Mo. Lots of great entries and some fine folks at this show. Well worth the hour and half drive from Kansas City! These are the automotive entries that the Slammers competed against.

KKOA 2014 Leadsled and Model Kemp Contest

The 34th Annual Leadsled Spectacular had its biggest year ever. Rumor around the grounds was that there were over 2,200 car entries on the grounds of Oakdale Park in Salina, Kansas.
The famous Kansas July Heat didn't fail to show up either. Friday and Saturday daytime highs were around 105 degrees with the heat index right at 115 F.

This album starts with pictures of the activity on the grounds and some the beautiful vehicles. (It's impossible to show you all of them - 2,200 of them... c'mon!) Finally, there are pictures of all the entries for the 9th Annual Elden Titus Model Kemp Spectacular held on Saturday the 26th. This year you will find the picture of the winning model placed right after the picture of the modeler accepting the award.

Enjoy the show and mark it on your calendar for July 25, 2015. After the show... go build some models!

Pete & Jake's 40th Anniversary Car Show

Stay tuned for pictures from the May 10 show in Peculiar, MO

KAMS Contest 2014

Another great contest, show, and vendor fair by our buddies out in Salina, Kansas. The day turned hot outside but the AC was on indoors and everyone had a great time!

Great Plains IPMS KCCon 2014

This annual show was held again this year at the Nazarene Church on State Line Road in KCMO.
As always it was a quality event with knockout models, good vendors, and one of the best and biggest model raffles in the Midwest.

Starbird Rod & Custom - Tulsa 2014

It was back to Tulsa for Zimm and Ellis. We left KC at 8 AM in 31 degree weather with snow on the ground and when we opened the car doors in Tulsa around noon it was 67 degrees and no snow! Gotta luv that Oklahoma winter!
This was the 50th Anniversary for the Starbird Show in Tulsa and the theme was "The Year of the Bubbletops". Darryl pulled out all the stops and guest celebrities included Bill Hines, Chuck Miller, George Barris, Candy Clark, Dennis Gage, Darryl Starbird, and almost all of the members of the National Rod & Custom Hall of Fame and Museum.
It was held in the huge EXPO Center on the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds. The Expo Center is purported to be the largest single span building in the world. It was jammed with cars, celebrities, vendors of all types, pinstripers, artists, and beautiful girls. It's a 3-day extravaganza held every year around mid-February. If you love car shows, this is one you HAVE to put on your bucket list if you've never been to it.

Slammers' Christmas Party 2013

A great dinner and a time for all the club members and their spouses to share being a part of the KC Slammer Family.

Leavenworth Prison City Modeler's Contest 2014

What a great contest our buddies over in Leavenworth put on every year. This year was no exception! The Prison City Modelers are an IPMS Chapter and, as such, display a high favoritism to things military, historical, and SciFi. But, they love a good car just like all of us. A record number of KC Slammers showed up and put a record number of entries out on the tables for the judges, fellow modelers, and the public to enjoy and admire. Our club members went home with lots of awards for their fantastic automotive models of all types.

It was held at the Heritage Center in downtown Leavenworth, Kansas - easy access and the perfect location for the event. Nice bright lighting so we could all see and enjoy the super details and skills on display in a wide variety of models. The weather was beautiful and it was a perfect morning and afternoon. Hot coffee, pop, doughnuts, sandwiches, and other treats were available for everyone. Shows like this are great because they give the modelers time to interact and talk with other modelers about the hobby. One guy there even had a 7-foot-long submarine "model" rigged for RC Control that actually performed all of the actions of a real submarine - even firing torpedoes!

I took the table shots early so the tables look kind of bare, but right before the noon registration deadline, it looked like they unloaded the "model bus" out front and the modelers were lined up outside the building to enter their models. By the time, all of those were out on the tables, each table was filled solid!

The KC Slammers Model Car Club recognizes and thank our model-building brothers and sisters over in Leavenworth for a great show, great location, and their hospitality. But, mostly we thank them all for being such great people!!

Midwest All-Truck Nationals and Model Contest 2013

It was a hot day at Riverside Park in Riverside, MO, for the 2013 Midwest All-Truck Nationals. The KC Slammers were again honored to stage the model truck contest for the event. Temperatures soared into the mid-90's and the heat began to wear on the event, the participants, and the spectators. Still, it was great day out for our model club and gave us all the chance to meet new folks as well as promote model-building and our other club events like the Heartland Model Car Nationals and the Model Kemp at the KKOA Leadsled. The classes were: Out of Box, Street Truck, Custom Truck and Commercial

2011 Heartland Model Car Nationals

Our 20th Anniversary Event staged at the beautiful Overland Park Convention Center. The Power Point awards is at the back of the album but it isn't in presentation order yet. BUT... you can at least view it!

KKOA Leadsled 2013

Here are pics from the 2013 KKOA Leadsled. The event, as always, was a huge success with much cooler temperatures in the 70's this year with sporadic rain showers (but not enough to put a damper on the show). The Model Kemp was on Saturday the 27th. Model count was up a bit this year, but we still have a way to go! Plans are already in the works for 2014 as regards the winner selections and a few other improvements that everyone will like. Our celebrity customizer judges included Darryl Starbird, Larry "Voodoo" Grobe, Chuck Miller, Joe Bailon, Gene Winfield, Mark Moriarity, and John D'Agostino.

2006 Heartland Model Car Nationals

The 2006 Heartland Model Car Nationals was held at the Overland Park Convention Center in Overland Park, Kansas on June 10th and 11th.

Eagles Lodge Model Contest

The Eagles Lodge in Overland Park, KS, held a model contest on Sunday, March 9, 2008. There were 134 entries in all. Our own KC Slammer Orbie Hardister was the prime organizer of the event. The vendors had some great deals and a good selection. The Eagle's Lodge trophies were impressive.

Slammers Picnic, May 2012

Small turnout for this event, but everyone that came had a great time! It was at the Missouri River LaBenite Park off of Hwy. 291 in Sugar Creek, MO.