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What a mix of photos!

This started by finding a way to share my dad's photos that include the construction and flooding of The Dalles Dam on the Columbia River, and Celilo Falls before they were covered! Have his family photos, trips incl Alaska in 1974, Camp Morrow in central Oregon that he founded, helped build and ran from 1952 to about 1975; and photos of the different people and communites he served as the American Sunday School Missionary for Eastern Oregon from 1948 to 1975.

Then I started adding photos of the East Bay that I have taken for use on my work website (www.eastbayeda.org) and in publications of the East Bay Economic Develpment Alliance, as people requested higher definition images than I can email.

Had fun taking some very long (12 image merges) panoramas of the East Bay that I used in our East Bay 2009-2010 Business Resource Guide and was able to share them as well here!

I have a personal website www.c-landscapes.com on which photos have bee available for sale for a number of years, but I can only place a limited number of images there, so am starting to place more of my "professional" images on this site as well.

So enjoy your time here. Please feel free to browse all the albums.
Have a look at photo comments other visitors have added and if you recognize anybody (including yourself) in any of the Camp Morrow album, please identify them in image comments.

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