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Been natural for 4 years now - but I've been doing my best to take care of my hair since March 2008. I was initially very ignorant about the beauty of natural hair. But many hair sites, esp. this one, have taught me how to love my hair.

Type of hair - I'm still a little wishy-washy on hair types. I'd have to say that I have 3b, 3c hair. The closest celebrity that I can match my hair-type to is Tracee Ellis Ross (I can't wait to have her length!) My hair is mostly S-patterned at the roots and spiraled at the ends.

My biggest challenge is finding protective styles that I can wear for more than a few days. I'd love to find a style that lasts at least 2 weeks so I can have as little manipulation as possible. I believe this and taking care of my ends will give me the length that I'm looking for by next year.

My hair regimen:
**I no longer co-wash everyday. I'm now able to hold off for at least a week.
**I comb my hair every time I have conditioner in it (about once a week).
**I clarify once a month with either Bentonite Clay, diluted castile soap or black soap.
**I HAVE YET TO FIND A DEEP CONDITIONER!! ANY SUGGESTIONS??? So I generally add jojoba oil or olive oil and honey to heated Suave conditioner.
**I never blow dry my hair - not even if I decide to straighten it.
**I will no longer color my hair with permanent or semi-permanent color. It's too drying & damaging. I don't have the patience for henna so who knows when I'll have color again.

Goals -
**GROW to shoulder length by March 2010.
**Find protective styles that I"m comfortable with. I'm sure this will happen as I gain length.
**Take care of my ends.
**Find a staple deep conditioner.

Fav Products:
*I don't use products with laurel sulfate, mineral oil, petrolatum or silicones.

**Moisturizers - pure SHEA BUTTER - I'm in love with shea butter. I also like Coconut oil.
**Conditioner - favorite is Suave's Aloe & Waterlily and Orchid. I'm looking to branch out, esp. with a deep conditioner.
**Clarifiers - Bentonite Clay, Black soap, Castile soap
**Styling - Softee Protein Styling Gel (brown gel), Shea Butter, Sta Sof Fro Hair & Scalp Spray.

You can read about "My Story" and my ignorant beginning in the My Journals section. You'll also find more stories about my recent life-challenges and how God has brought me and my family through.
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Sunday, March 18, 2007
According to your faith, be it unto you... Matt 9:29b
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