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Rave Reviews!

Chris, August 26, 2008 I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic job you did on our outdoor wedding reception! It was very nice of you to show up an hour early to make things go smoothly. All of the pictures turned out wonderful and the lighting looked great. I am glad you took several shots in a row to insure the best, possible picture. My favorites are the last ones you took on the pier, I love the way you made our bodies look more like shadows with the beautiful scenery more lit up. I will definitely be sending my friends and family your way for pictures in the near future. If you need me to be a reference for you please use the following email where your potential clients may reach me: crystal82richards@hotmail.com Thanks, Crystal Saintes

Hi Kirk, I just wanted to thank you for referring Chris Lohman as our photographer. He did an amazing job at our wedding this past weekend. He showed up 60 minutes early to look over the church for places to shoot and get prepared. He took all the shots I asked for and was very patient and easy to get along with. Chris took multiple photos of each pose which I actually like because it ensured that he got the best one possible. The color and lighting was awesome in all the pictures and there really isn't a single one that I don't love! I am very happy with the job he did and I will definitely refer him again. Thanks again, Miranda Haynes

Thank you, Kirk, for the fabulous job you did capturing our daughter's wedding day. There could not have been a better mix of traditional and candid shots. You definately have a creative eye! We loved that the pictures were available to view and order online so quickly- we have relived that wonderful day again and again.

Cindy and Rick Cisco

Hi Kirk, I want to thank you for taking such beautiful pictures at our wedding. You did and outstanding job!

Brittney and Christopher Bahr

Kirk, the pictures are wonderful, thank you! How long will they be available for ordering?
Stephanie John-Schafer

Hi Kirk, I want to thank you for the excellent photos. Christian called from Hawaii all excited. Thanks!

Theresa Collins

Wow,The pictures are awesome! Thanks again! Darla
Hi Kirk: I noticed you loaded our pictures for the wedding and they look AWESOME!! I cannot believe the selection. You did an amazing job! You are the one person we didn’t have to stress about at the wedding and that was an awesome feeling!! Thank you. Belinda Bilanoski
Thank you for being a great photographer at our wedding! Your sense of humor and patients really helped make the whole experience go smoother. We can't wait to see all of the shots you and your assistant took. Please let me know when they are ready, thank you. -Michaela Hightower

Kirk, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am with your company. I am sure you know that Trish was sick and was unable to attend my wedding and called Mark last minute to have him come. Thank you so much for your team of professionals it was great not to have to worry. Thanks, Michelle

Kirk, I just felt I had to let you know how incredibly impressed I am with your photography for my niece Faith(Berry) Turners wedding. Jeff was quite a trooper in participating in all those shots. My husband would never have gone through that!! I have been to many, many weddings, including 2 of my own, and have never seen such fantastic work. I kept taking shots with my camera that I was afraid you might miss and you never did. You did not miss a beat, from the birds eye view lying on the floor, (which we all thought was weird and turned out fantastic,) to the shots of her dress bustle, his hands on her hips dancing, the keyhole shot, them looking down over the ceremony(spliced in), gazing into each others eyes on the dance floor, the rings on the cake,and all the silhouettes at the window shots. This is just to name a few and they all blew me away. Capturing my grandmother in a wheelchair in the conga line and doing the YMCA are priceless. As are the wonderful pictures you captured of my precious son Dallas in his little tux and many of my own immediate family... as you can see I had quite an extensive order and well worth it. Thanks again, will recommend you to all. Please send me some business cards to keep up with for my own girls weddings, as I would not use anyone but you. Lastly, I remember Faith telling my that she saw you at the bridal show and commented on how inexpensive you were compared to all the other photographers at the show, but you seemed to have some great pictures on display and she was willing to take a risk, since she was on a budget... Boy was she right. Take care. Thanks again. Brenda Hatfield

Kirk, I just wanted to tell you thank you for making my day easy as can be and wonderful. You are an amazing photographer and did amazing work! Thank you for all of your help and staying until the end of the night to see us leave for our honeymoon. The pictures are AMAZING and I can't see anything that could have been better! Thank you for everythign. I will be in touch so I can order the pictures and get some "parent" albums for my parents as well. Thanks again! It was amazing! Erica & Dylan

I just got off my honeymoon and looked at the pictures. They are AWESOME! Thank you so much for everything you did. We loved both our engagement and wedding photos. Everyone that has seen them have been so impressed. I could have not asked for anything better. I am so thankful that I can look back and relive our wedding day again and again thanks to you!!! Brandi

Mr. & Mrs. McGee, WE just got back from our honeymoon so this is my first chance to write you an email. I just wanted to thank you for a WONDERFUL job!! You were both amazing. Not only did you do an amzing job job but you are both amazing people to work with. My mom and I were discussing how great you both are and we will be HIGHLY recommending you in the future. Thanks again, really!!! Next step is to order photos, correct?? And what do we do about the video...I think I remember something about paying 400 and getting the editing done?? Just let me know at your earliest convenience, I'd appreciate it. Thanks again so very much to both of you. Sincerely, Carl & Traci Schindewolf