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My name is Andre Kolodochka. I am an IT professional with an extensive international experience. I was born and raised in Ukraine. My parents were softly pushing me to leave the country so in 1992, after only two years of study in university, I dropped everything and moved to China as exchange student.

I spent one year in Beijing studying Chinese, eventually graduated from Tianjin University in 1997 with Bachelor in Computer Software and found a job in South Korea soon after the graduation. I lived in Korea for 4 years and moved to Australia in 2001. I won't go through my complete resume here as you can find it in my LinkedIn profile at

The only really important dates worth noting here: in August 2003 I became a proud father, on 26 January 2005 I became a proud Australian citizen and in July 2005 I became a proud father for the second time.

Australia is an amazing country; however both me and my wife miss Asian speed and activities and still hope to go back to Asia some day.

My wife, Hyejung, is Korean. We met in China in 1994 when she came to Tianjin for two months Chinese language study. She worked as a travel guide for Chinese speaking tourists when we were living in Korea and now she's full time mom looking after our two cutest creatures.

She has three birthdays: one is according to Lunar calendar, one according to Gregorian calendar and one according to her national ID. Her parents didn't rush to register her birth, so officially speaking she's over a year younger than she really is.

We registered our marriage in January 1999 and had our wedding in April 2000, but we lived together since 1996 and for me that's when our marriage started.

Our first child, little princess Tanisha, was born in August 2003. We only had permanet residence status in Australia when she was born. According to Australian laws, she became Australian at birth, so she was the first Australian in our family. When we visited Korea and Ukraine in 2004, every customs officer in every country we spoke to was very confused: how come three-people family has passports from three different countries?

She's usually quiet and shy until she's familiar with the person or the environment. She loves wearing pink, eating pink and all pencils should be pink. If you are not pink - don't talk to me! :) She's an easy child to deal with; unless she's very very tired, she will always do what we ask her to do. And if she doesn't want to - you can always talk her into doing it with a good argument and a cookie.

That's not the case with the other one, just-leave-me-for-10-seconds-troublemaker Kael. He'll get himself into trouble in the most child-proof house. If perpetuum mobile exists, somebody definitely implanted it into Kael. He starts running as soon as he wakes up and stops about 5 minutes after he falls asleep. By age of 5, he already broken both arms and a nose. In case of first arm, he also broke the plaster it was in on first day; we had to switch to fibreglass one. And by the same age he already earned a few hunders bucks by shooting commercials in Korea.

We speak a weird mix of languages at home. In fact, there is no a single language all of us can speak well. My wife doesn't speak English well and Russian at all, although over the years she picked up a lot and often can get an idea about what I say to kids. My Korean is not good enough to have free conversation. Kids speak English, Russian and Korean. But not Chinese, which me and my wife use... go figure.

So yeah, this is our weird family. We speak a mix of four languages at home, were born in three different parts of the world and can't live without each other for too long. Enjoy browsing our photo album, all our pictures since 2003 are online and I'll add earlier scanned ones when time permits.
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