Porsche 962 in 1/24 scale

Just some of the aftermarket accessories available for the weak Tamiya and misshapen Hasegawa Porsche 962 kits.

H.W.S. Hamilton Witton Special Canada Class

A Ford Prefect/Popular/Anglia based Canada Class race car. Built by Len Witton for Dick Hamilton powered by an 1172cc Ford 10 L-head engine. Sort of a single seat Lotus 6.
Thin tubular space frame. Modified Prefect "split I-beam" semi-independent front suspension. Step-down chain drive from the torque tube to rear axle input.

Stuff For Sale

Feel free to make an offer. If you see it, it's still available.

Alpha Cubic Renoma

Mostly screen captures of this 1 race scheme which is a white/gray road map of Paris overlaid on the black base. Silver "RENOMA PARIS" and red "Alpha Cubic" on top of the base map scheme.