Available Speed Record cars in 1:24/1:25

Land Speed Record Cars, Streamliners and other record setters.


Open to sports racing car suggestions.

Porsche Gruppe B

Prototype 959 based on the Tamiya 1/24 kit. Almost every body panel is different from the production car. I'll have to look at the Gunze kit, it may actually be a better place to start.

Recent additions

The latest and greatest added to my always expanding model collection.

NaCl Special Lakester or the The "FUGITIVE" NaCl Solution

Phantom lakester based on an old Kenner SSP Laker toy. I'm coming for you Walker and your Saline Solutions...

Auto Union Rennlimousin

Thanks to Pico Elgin for making his 3D model available for printing.

Porsche 962 in 1/24 scale

Just some of the aftermarket accessories available for the weak Tamiya and misshapen Hasegawa Porsche 962 kits.

Goldenrod Summers Brothers 1965

Jimmy Flintstone 1/25 resin kit. Very sharp edged and no interior detail at all.
To do list...
1- Soften the edges especially around the nosecone.
2- Grind out cockpit and add a rudimentary interior.
3- Replace tailcone with vacform to replicate the translucent fiberglass bodywork and add visible structure.
4- Open up the scoops and exhaust
5- Round the nearly invisible tire sidewalls

H.W.S. Hamilton Witton Special Canada Class

A Ford Prefect/Popular/Anglia based Canada Class race car. Built by Len Witton for Dick Hamilton powered by an 1172cc Ford 10 L-head engine. Sort of a single seat Lotus 6.
Thin tubular space frame. Modified Prefect "split I-beam" semi-independent front suspension. Step-down chain drive from the torque tube to rear axle input.