Tai Chi

Various Tai Chi photos - Guy DeRosa seminars at Robert Wood Johnson, World Tai Chi Day, Tai Chi classes, demonstrations, annual picnic and more!

Geico Hamilton

HTRSA Soccer Fall 2017 - Geico wins the playoffs with two wins on Nov. 11!

Steinert JV Boys Soccer 2017

I got to all but two games during the season -
hope you enjoy the photos. Season finish 12W - 3L - 2T

Steinert Freshman Boys Soccer 2015

Great season for these guys ending at 10-1-1. Contact me for any images you may want.

Steinert JV Boys Soccer 2016

Photos from games, practices, scrimmages and conditioning throughout the 2016 season.

Kids School & other Portraits

These are mostly professional photos of Jackie and Kenny - school shots.

Mar. & April

Wilmington, NC, Jackie's last EWCS (soccer) game, a visit to Jay's in Delaware

July & Aug.

GMs 90th birthday! Jackie goes back to Elon.

LA Images - Miscellaneous

Roller coasters, trains, clouds, flags, rainbows, cars.....and more

Jan. & Feb.

Birthdays, snow, a few of Jackie's Austria trip

LA Images - Animals/Wildlife/Insects

Animals both domestic and wild including deer, elk, dogs, sheep, raccoons and more - insects included

Nov. & December

Soccer, Kenny's confirmation & the holidays

Hotfoil Sharks - Midland Tourney 2014

1st game win, 5-0
2nd game win, 3-2
3rd game win, 4-2
4th game win, 2-0
Championship game, 1-2

Sept. & Oct.

Soccer season, visit to General Doyle cemetery

July & August

Summer - beach trips, a visit with M&Ds former neighbors, the Nyce's and a trip down memory land visiting the old Hopewell homestead, our anniversary weekend in Tarrytown, NY and West Point, taking Jackie back to Elon for fall semester.