Hey everyone! My name is Jasmine and I started my natural hair journey accidentally and unknowingly. Since I could remember, my hair had been relaxed and healthy. Then in summer of 07 I damaged it HORRIBLY. I hadn't gotten a relaxer since May, and my hair just started growing like crazy! So then I bought my first flat iron and attempted to straighten the new growth. I used it everyday in June and July anywhere from 3-1* times a day. I didn't know that I was damaging my hair until I went to the hairdresser at the end of July to get a perm. As she started combing my hair, big clumps started breaking off about one inch from the root in the crown of my head! I was so devestated and I tried so hard not to cry. It looked horrible! She tried to persuade me to cut it that day, but I was not ready mentally so I just wore my remaining hair in a ponytail and it covered up the spots where I had lost hair. My hair continued breaking off from August- November, and frankly, it looked a mess. I was finally ready to let go of my remaining damaged hair, and I went to the shop and the rest of my hair was clipped off. That was two days before Thanksgiving. I loved my hair but I was SO afraid of what my peers what think, and also what my girlfriend would think. Thankfully she was very supportive, and told me that she would love me no matter what the length of my hair. Unfortunately I had a few negative reactions in a sea of good. 'Why'd you cut your hair?', 'it was so long', 'if my hair was that long i would never cut it'- all the normal stuff. And of course I got the most ignorant reactions out of guys, one being 'But you're light-skinned! Long hair is why we like light-skinned girls! They got good hair!'. Yeah, I thought that was soo lame! But anyway, my hair is natural now and thats how I want to keep it for the time being. I'm here to learn as much as I can about taking care of my hair, and also to learn to style it with as little damage as possible. So any fellow natural women out there add me for support! I'm interested in following your natural hair journey also!