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I'm pretty new to this, so be nice. My sister (pezzy1) introduced me to the wonderful world of fotki over my christmas break. Actually I've been copying her most of my life as little sisters usually do. She made the big cut in 2003, while I was my high school was brain washing me into thinking that our natural hair was somehow ugly (although my sister had very pretty hair). Out of my entire time in high school I only saw one girl who was natural. Oh and me, I made the big cut right before I graduated in 2005. All of my friends said that it was weird of me to cut off my perm, but sucks to them all, I thought it was nice. I said good by to painful relaxers and my dry, flaky, scalp.

Then I met my boyfriend and gave him really nice dreds, although his hair and scalp are really dry. Does anyone have any suggestions? I told him to use jojoba. Now that I live in the city I fell like I have a larger support group of natural friends (especially those in the conscious hip hop scene).

Oh, oh, but ever since I tried on some Enyce jeans, I've been truely comfortable. Man, I was in love! Finally I had come accross a pair of jeans that really fit! Not like those cruddy "curvy" gap jeans (former employee) Everything has always been too tight in the thigh and too thick in the waist.

I am a BLACK WOMAN and I'm tired of stuffing my relatively curvy body into clothes that aren't going to fit no matter what size I try! And I will wear my natural hair with pride, damnit! Sucks to perms, weaves, extensions, and whatever else black women do to destroy their bodies and hide their natural beauty. That white standard of beauty everyone is reaching for is unatainable because YOU'RE BLACK! Yes I'm talking to all those Beyonce, Tyra Banks wannabes not most of the women on fotki, just ignor that last sentence.

So anyway, I use my gap jeans as paint clothes now (I go the the Kansas City Art Institute) Then I went back and bought some apple bottom jeans, (tastful ones -no pun intended!) and jeans by various other designers who know how to dress women of color. I don't know why I didn't just try some earlier.
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Thursday, December 28, 2006
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