Resin wheels I have made for model trucks.

Wheels I have mastered to be cast into resin and wheels I have designed that are machined out of aluminum.

1/64 trucks I collect

These are just a few of the 1/64 scale diecast trucks that I collect. I have hundreds more packed away. some have been modified and some are stock. There are also some that have been completely built from scratch.

Convoy, Rubber Duck Mack Project.

These are parts that were made by Alastair McLauchlan and Tony Westood from England. I'm gathering them up for a build of the Rubber Duck Mack.

1/24, Scratch built 48' flatbed trailer.

This is a completely scratch built 48' East aluminum, spread axle flatbed trailer. The trailer will feature an Alclad "aluminum" finish, three, real oak "planks" on the deck (nail strips), DOT striping, CTM photo etch marker lights and tail lights, real rubber air bags on each suspension, real rubber dock bumpers, real, white rubber mudflaps with the East logo on them and real, machined aluminum, Alcoa polished ten hole wheels.

1/24 Cat D9T project

This is a 1/24 Cat D9T high track dozer that was built by Dave Steele. I purchased this off Ebay. Unfortunately it was not packaged properly for shipping and arrived broken in many pieces. I will be redoing a lot of main components when rebuilding it.

1/64 Home Depot truck with piggyback forklift

This is a 1/64 scale diecast truck that has been heavily modified to represent the trucks that Home Depot uses for intercity delivery.

1/160 (N scale) Peterbilt 359 with lowboy I’m building as well as other 1/160 trucks.

The Peterbilt 359 and lowboy were built from GHQ, white metal kits. The excavator is a Norscot piece that has been modified.
The rest are pre-built trucks.

1/64 cars and projects

These are 1/64 cars I have highly modified or collect.

Scratch built, 1/24 Fontaine 75 ton lowboy, jeep and flip up stinger axles

This is a completely scratch built 1/24 Fontaine 75 ton lowboy set that was built completely from scratch by Clay Dickey. This is one of my most favorite projects!!!! The trailer, jeep and flip axles all feature Clint Freeman resin lowboy suspensions with real rubber air bags. The trailer has brass reinforcing all throughout. The removable gooseneck has an actual working lock mechanism! I was extremely fortunate to be able to purchase from Clay and only hope I can finish it as well as he started it!!!!!

IH Transtar 4070A cabover

This is a box art build of the first truck kit ERTL made. The International Transtar 4070A cabover.