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I'm from a very small city in Louisiana that I probably shouldn't even try to mention because you wouldn't know where it is anyway so I won't. I now live in Shreveport, LA with my husband of 1yr and 2 months. I'm newly natural but I haven't done my BC yet only because my husband doesn't want me to have short hair. I'm thinkning now that I should have done this 3 or 4 yrs ago when I first thought about going natural though I was a little afraid then. Anyway, I'm not exactly sure when my last "fire cream" session was but I remember getting one the day before my wedding. I decided in August or Sept. of '08 that I wasn't using another one but I don't know if I used one in between Feb 8 '08 and then or what. I was traveling and didn't really keep up with that much. I just used it when I noticed I needed one. Which could have been 2 or 3 months after using one. I don't have photos up yet of anything but now that I'm here I'll be working on it and will try to have something up soon. Ya'll have to work with me here. I'm not good at keeping up with pics and all but I'm up for the challenge. My regimen now is: cowash once a week, deep condition once a week, clarify once a month. I'm gonna start doing scalp massages every night with an oil blend (oils that stimulate growth), and I'm gonna try not to use any heat much. Maybe every blue moon for now. I really want my hair to grow and be healthy. I love homemade recipes so if anyone wants to share feel free to fill me in. I've been searching the web for them. My favorite so far is adding honey and olive oil to my conditoner.

I really would love some hair growth tips.
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