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My regime is really simple. Im a 4a/b relaxed and I use Keracare exclusively! Its the only product I use. I noticed that when you use the whole line exclusively, the results are amazing. I wash every 5-7 days.

1) Pre-Shampoo with Protein or Moisturizing Cheapie Conditioner. Currently using Ors Mayo (protein) and Sauve Milk and Honey for Moisture. Slather on dry, unwashed hair and cover with hot steaming towel. Put shower cap over towel (at home steam treatment)

2) Shampoo- Keracare Dry and Itchy Scalp Shampoo
Keracare Hydrating and Detangling Shampoo. Keracare First Lather to Clarify once a month.

3)Conditioner- Pre-condition with Keracare Dry and Itchy Scalp Conditioner on the scalp for 5 mins while in the shower. Keracare Humecto (20 mins under hood dryer)

4)Rinse out (dont towel dry) and apply Keracare Leave-in and Silken Seal. I comb with a wide tooth and separate into three sections. If my hair is dry, I may add a little Keracare Oil Moisturizer, though it doesnt have the same bounce and movement.

5) Usually, I use water to set hair on magnetic rollers. Use water and Keracare Wrap/Set Foam lotion for a firmer set.

6) Sit under dryer for 1 hour and 20 mins. Remove rollers, apply a tiny bit of Keracare Creme Headdress. Blow out roots with a small round boar bristle brush. I will either leave the ends curly or wrap and go to bed.

At night, I apply Keracare Creme headdress, wrap, spray oil sheen and cover with a doo rag. My bf LOVES this look -_-

In the morning, undo wrap. Apply a drop of a Fantasia Glossifier and go:)

So, since joining LHCF, I have adopted a new styling regime too ! (Modeled after an old stylist's advice ( why did ever stray!):

NO flat-irons, blow dryers and curling irons.

Rollersetting with magnectic rollers and wrapping for straight look or leaving ends out for sexy wave look. Roller setting has made my hair sooooo healthy. The ends stay super healthy

Using exclusive line (Keracare)-like a multi-vitamin may take some time to really see results. My hair keeps getting better everytime I use the Keracare line exclusively. The products seem to compliment each other

Taking multi-vitamin and hair vitamin

Exercise and drink lots of water

Eating healthy- only organic foods which dont have as many preservatives

Try washing 5 days instead of 7 days-less shedding and breakage

Stretching relaxers- 2-3 months instead of 6 weeks

Protein Treatments every other week. Used to only do moisture but my hair became tooo moisturized and mushy. Im currently using ORS Hair Mayo :)

After I shampoo, I dry my hair gently with a towel to remove excess moisture and then apply conditioner. I heard it absorbs better on drier hair

Trimming as needed - I usually trim every 2 to 3 months now

After rinsing out conditioner, I leave the hair soaking wet ( just putting on a shower cap) and comb it wet. I get virtually no tangles or breakage this way and its easy to set in rollers. I learned that the hair must be sopping wet when its set. It make take longer to dry but you get the smoothest set this way :)

The Cleaner the Parts, the Better the Style:)
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