What's on the bench recently - or a while back still waiting to be finished

Projects in various stages of completion - some are current, some projects date back a few years waiting to be built.

2017 In Review

Models finished in 2017. Many more were worked on, especially during July and August painting parts for the long, cold winter so I have models to finish.

These are not in build order.

A few strange builds, as I built 2 car models and a USS Enterprise just for the heck of it.

Wireline 362

My rendition of an oilfield wireline 362. The cab is a Griffen cast copy of my 90" cab cut down (if I recall, the casting was a blemish casting). The chassis was sourced from an Ertl Paystar and the wireline body was made from sheet styrene.

May 2007.

Peterbilt Motors Company Archive Throw-Back Photos

Photos from the Peterbilt Motors Co. Archives seen as Throw-Back Thursday Photos

Chuck's Truck 2017

If you look elsewhere in my albums, you will see Chuck's Truck 2009. This is the replacement, the real truck built in 2016, and the model in 2017.

The model now resides with the older version in north Texas.


Peterbilt 567 Heavy Haul

Using a Newray 1/24th scale toy Peterbilt 579, I reworked the hood into a 567.
This chassis is an Italeri Peterbilt 377 with modifications. Front wheels are resin from Mo'Luminum. The DPF box is from AITM.

This isn't 100% finished - it is missing a few bits and pieces and a few things need to be reworked.

Built January 2017

BJServices Crane 378

Using an Italeri Peterbilt 378 (early 2000's issue), a MonkeyClaw resins sleeper roof and a sleeper from the 377 kit cut down as well as a scratchbuilt chassis and flat deck. This build is based on a BJS truck seen at the Gaylord, Michigan yard 10 years.

Resin wheels from Kit Form Services. Resin rear tires from Mo'Luminum. Metal mesh grille screen from PlanoModelProducts.
I dirtied this up, I'm not sure I like the effect - I think I went overboard on the bug splatters.

March 2016

Shell Oil Tanker

Mid 1960's Peterbilt 352 and Fruehauf tanker.
The cab is a resin piece from AITM. The wheels are resin from Double-Take.

The trailer has been modified for a slightly more oval shape.

The decal logos and stripes are from the AMT Fruehauf Shell Tanker kit.


SuperValu Foods Ford

Another truck I remember seeing around Munising, Michigan in the 70's - Ford Louisville Line fleet tractors for SuperValu Foods. My build uses the AMT Ford LNT-8000 with a resin long hood from Plaskit as well as fuel tanks from Plaskit. The spoke wheels are from an AMT Chevrolet Titan/90 kit. I painted this in the summer of 2011 for winter building - on the bench in January 2012 and finished May 18, 2012.

Max Green 340

Max Green Landscaping 340 - a mix of Italeri 377, AITM 330 hood, resin wheels and an AMT Ford Snow Plow body and AMT Ford Stake Truck decals create this fantasy landscape truck.

Rock Tech 388

Peterbilt 388 inspired by a factory-fresh unit seen in 2012.

Schlumberger-Dowell 357-123

Peterbilt 357-123 - Scratchbuilt hood, fenders, equipment box, frame. Resin wheels and tires. Built in 2006.

This is one of those models that I never got around to taking any outdoor photographs of.

So, 10 years after it was built, here it is in the light of day.


359 Set-Back Axle

Inspired by a factory photo from late 1972 of an early 359-13 Set-Back Front Axle.
This build used an AMT Peterbilt 359, a modified resin hood, modified kit front wheels, rear wheels and suspension from an Ertl Paystar, lengthened frame rails, the stake bed from an AMT Ford Stake Truck. The trailer has a scratchbuild deck and suspension bits from a Great Dane kit (leftover from my 352 drom tractor build). 5/15/17

Trident Twins

Back-in-the-day, Trident Truck Lines delivered loads to the Peterbilt Newark plant with a livery of brown, gold and white trimmed Peterbilts.

Here are my renditions of two Trident trucks - these builds aren't finished, they need a few bits and pieces and the Trident logos for the doors. I haven't been able to get a good clean straight-on view of the logo to use to create a decal for the doors.

The 359 is an original issue AMT T500 California Hauler. I lengthened the frame rails, modified a T501 Pete bumper eliminating the driving lamps, the 3-bar grille is a resin piece from AITM, The air cleaner is from an AMT KW W925.

The 352 is an original AMT T502 with a stretched frame, suspension from an AMT T501 359, recessed exhaust, Italeri 377 fuel tanks. Both have resin air cleaner caps from P&P.

Both builds have their chrome pieces touched up using the Molotow Chrome Pen.


White-Freightliner SD AMT Lines

AMT White-Freightliner Single Drive.
This is a "grab a kit and lets just build it" build.

A few modifications - subtle clean up of the panel seams, lowering of the headlamps,
smaller fuel tanks, single exhaust, roof-top air conditioner, resin wheels from Mo'Luminum.

I dressed this to match the White-Freightliner Dual Drive build I did for Round2 several years ago. The unit number on both match the original AMT kit numbers.

March 2017

AMT White-Freightliner Dual Drive

The white White-Freightliner was built box-stock for Round2's AMT trade show displays. The red and yellow WFDD has been slightly modified - the headlamps moved lower on the cab skin for a more accurate look and the step ladders replaced with stirrups.

Newray 579 in green

Newray 'toy' Peterbilt 579 'de-toyed'. I reworked the body to remove the harsh body
lines and remove the toy look.

I have to repair the grille, the metal mesh popped free when the model was removed from the sun (a little expansion/contraction going on).

January 2017.

352H86 Tractor

Late 1970's Peterbilt 352H86 tractor.

I started this build quite a few years ago with a resin cab cast by GriffenDesigns. After painting and applying decal stripes, the cab distorted due to how it was stored and I could never get the hump out of the roof, plus I wasn't pleased with how the stripes looked. In 2016 I made a new H model cab from an AMT 352 kit, and sourced new stripe decals from ModelTruckin.com.

March 2017.

359-27 Heavy Hauler

Another parts-box builder.
Combining parts from old built-ups (the chassis), fresh cab/hood/sleeper from a Revell snap kit, AMT parts and other parts-box bits and pieces.

I lengthened the hood to a 127" BBC, as well as modified the grille for a grille mounted air conditioning condensor, dual air cleaners with the 'cold climate' intakes and a lift axle.

The stripes are decals from Modeltruckin.com.

Built in March 2017.

579 From a Toy

Newray toy company produced a 1/24th scale Peterbilt 579.
I dismantled the toy and reworked the shapes creating a nice shelf model of a 579 tractor.


289 Tractor

Inspired by a truck in the background of a factory photo.

This build is a combination of old parts and pieces. The gold stripes are cut from Microscale decal solid-color sheets.

Built March 2017.

359 with logger horns

Logger horns.. an afterthought but why not.

This build combines parts from an old built up AMT Pete 359 (T501), and a new
cab and hood. Subtle modifications here and there.

Built in March 2017.

Peterbilt 579 Single Drive

Peterbilt 579 single drive built from a modified Newray 1/24th scale toy. I modified the cab to a low-roof daycab. The chassis is a modified Italeri 377.

This was my last build for 2016, finishing up during the evening of 12/31/16.

Peterbilt 579 long frame

Using a Newray 1/24th scale Peterbilt 579, I modified the cab to a low-roof, cut down an Italeri 63" sleeper, modified the Italeri 377 chassis, added in resin front wheels from Mo'Luminum.

Built January 2017

Walmart 579 Epiq

Peterbilt 579 Epiq
My rendition of a Walmart Epiq 579 - This started as a Newray 1/24th scale toy. I reworked the body and chassis to 'de-toy' it. Thank's to Modeltruckin for the logos.

Built 2/2017

389 Tri-Drive Dump

British Columbia style tri-drive dump truck. Italeri 378 with cut down 63" sleeper, resin hood, fenders, doors from Spauldings. Decal stripes from ModelTruckin.com.