What's on the bench recently - or a while back still waiting to be finished

Projects in various stages of completion - some are current, some projects date back a few years waiting to be built. Check my finished albums - arranged by truck make for finished photos.

All White Pacemaker

Inspired by a photograph of a factory-fresh 352 from 197. Finished in March of 2018.

Pacemaker Rebuilder Kit

Inspiration can come from anywhere for me - this model was inspired by an old 1974 slide showing an overhead view of the old Peterbilt factory in Newark, California. In sea of trucks being worked on was a yellow cabbed, red frame rebuilder kit (glider kit). My rendition started with the AMT Pacemaker 352, GW Trucks frame rails, Mo'Luminum exhaust and fuel tank mounts, and Italeri fuel tanks. February 25, 2018

Long Framed 358

AMT California Hauler 359 reworked into a narrow nose 358. Mercury sleeper, long wheelbase, single exhaust, single air horn, resin AITM air cleaner. December 2017.

Short Wheelbase 359

This is an AMT California Hauler 359 with a short wheelbase, forward fuel tanks, Farr dry-type air cleaner, 3 bar grille from AITM, deep taper bumper and 5-hole Alcoa style wheels. The inspiration for this build came from a model I built in 1975 or 75 as a teenager.

Rebuilder Pacemaker 352

Originally built in 1999, I stripped the craft-store spray paint, redid the body work, added some doo-dads and repainted it to match a truck I saw at the Dallas-Mavis yard in Newark, California in 1975.

Model Displays

Model displays and shows from various years and locations.

Snap Kits

Various incarnations of the Revell "Snap Together" 359 kit.
The kit is a 1982 Peterbilt 359, 119" BBC, 36" round-door sleeper, single air cleaner, no visor, no spotlamps, and a few "toy like" features. For being a snap-kit, it can be built into a nice model.

White Freightliner SD in blue and white

The calendar says spring, the forecast says winter.. I say it's spring - so here's the last of the winter 2017/2018 builds. This one finished on 3/31/18. Fairly box-stock except for relocating the headlamps lower on the body and some additional support rods on the exhaust rack. This is the AMT White-Freightliner SD from the blue-truck box. The stripes and logos are from the kit decal sheet.

W900L heavy haul tractor

This build has a long history - I started it in 2004, painting the cab and hood and occasionally working on the model over the years. A resin W900L hood and grille, AMT cab from a T600 and a Revell of Germany W900 chassis. Front wheels are from Mo'Luminum. Finished January 2018.

Single Drive Florida Style W900

This build wrapped up 2017 - the model was inspired by a truck in the 1974 Kenworth Conventional brochure, seen pulling a milk tanker. I swapped the suspension from an AMT WFSD kit, added P&P battery/tool boxes, converted the hood and piping to a single air cleaner and swapped the drive wheels from an American LaFrance fire truck kit. 12/31/17

The Serivce Cab

The Service Cab. This started as a rebuild of 2 old glue-bombs back in 2003. If I remember, I had a previous paint scheme that I didn't like, and I never liked the light brown and white scheme. I stripped the cab and reworked the body work and turned the cab into a "service cab". 12/31/17

Peterbilt 359 with COE Service Cab

Inspired by a photograph from 1974 showing the Peterbilt "Ready Row" next to the Newark, California factory. This is a 359 with a 110" COE "Service Cab" ready to be shipped to a dealer. My model is an AMT Peterbilt 359 with longer frame rails, left-side air cleaner, small taper bumper, and Double-Take resin wheels. The 110" cab started as a complete build in 2003, but needed a rebuild - I stripped the cab and decided it was perfect for this project. 2/15/18

Alaskan Hauler Peterbilt 359 long hood

Inspired by a multi-axle Alaskan Hauler Peterbilt 359-27. My build is a Revell of Germany 359 with extra lift axles, a resin long hood, and many subtle modifications. It isn't finished yet. At this point the look is "fresh from a rebuild and paint shop". 1/31/18

West-Coast Shell Peterbilt 358

I combined a Lindberg tank body with an AMT/Ertl Peterbilt 359 to create a straight-truck tanker. A pup trailer is planned. 2/25/18

AMT Peterbilt Coke Pacemaker 352

The AMT Coke Pete - built with subtle changes. Spoke wheels, a Farr dry-type air cleaner, small taper bumper, Mo'Luminum resin exhaust mounts and a larger Coke swoosh cut from white decal material.

AMT Ford Coca-Cola Short Hauler

AMT Ford Short Hauler in Coke colors.
Resin 2-hole steel wheels, an update grille and headlamps from Plaskit. 2/28/18

2017 In Review

Models finished in 2017. Many more were worked on, especially during July and August painting parts for the long, cold winter so I have models to finish.

These are not in build order.

A few strange builds, as I built 2 car models and a USS Enterprise just for the heck of it.

Wireline 362

My rendition of an oilfield wireline 362. The cab is a Griffen cast copy of my 90" cab cut down (if I recall, the casting was a blemish casting). The chassis was sourced from an Ertl Paystar and the wireline body was made from sheet styrene.

May 2007.

Peterbilt Motors Company Archive Throw-Back Photos

Photos from the Peterbilt Motors Co. Archives seen as Throw-Back Thursday Photos

Chuck's Truck 2017

If you look elsewhere in my albums, you will see Chuck's Truck 2009. This is the replacement, the real truck built in 2016, and the model in 2017.

The model now resides with the older version in north Texas.


Peterbilt 567 Heavy Haul

Using a Newray 1/24th scale toy Peterbilt 579, I reworked the hood into a 567.
This chassis is an Italeri Peterbilt 377 with modifications. Front wheels are resin from Mo'Luminum. The DPF box is from AITM.

This isn't 100% finished - it is missing a few bits and pieces and a few things need to be reworked.

Built January 2017

BJServices Crane 378

Using an Italeri Peterbilt 378 (early 2000's issue), a MonkeyClaw resins sleeper roof and a sleeper from the 377 kit cut down as well as a scratchbuilt chassis and flat deck. This build is based on a BJS truck seen at the Gaylord, Michigan yard 10 years.

Resin wheels from Kit Form Services. Resin rear tires from Mo'Luminum. Metal mesh grille screen from PlanoModelProducts.
I dirtied this up, I'm not sure I like the effect - I think I went overboard on the bug splatters.

March 2016

Shell Oil Tanker

Mid 1960's Peterbilt 352 and Fruehauf tanker.
The cab is a resin piece from AITM. The wheels are resin from Double-Take.

The trailer has been modified for a slightly more oval shape.

The decal logos and stripes are from the AMT Fruehauf Shell Tanker kit.


SuperValu Foods Ford

Another truck I remember seeing around Munising, Michigan in the 70's - Ford Louisville Line fleet tractors for SuperValu Foods. My build uses the AMT Ford LNT-8000 with a resin long hood from Plaskit as well as fuel tanks from Plaskit. The spoke wheels are from an AMT Chevrolet Titan/90 kit. I painted this in the summer of 2011 for winter building - on the bench in January 2012 and finished May 18, 2012.

Max Green 340

Max Green Landscaping 340 - a mix of Italeri 377, AITM 330 hood, resin wheels and an AMT Ford Snow Plow body and AMT Ford Stake Truck decals create this fantasy landscape truck.