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Well...I am a wife and mother of 3...pursuing her Degree in Nursing.
I transitioned for 7 months and I chopped November 10, 2007. I was not comfortable wearing my afro out yet...but chopping was a start. I kept it covered for the first week and then I realized that I was letting society brainwash me into thinking that my kinky curly fro was not acceptable...I am so glad that mentality was short lived.
I was just tired of the ups and downs...The growth...then the breakage...the HAIR LOSS....etc. So I said... Bump the chemicals. I'm going to grow some fabulous hair, and I'm going to be Fierce!!!

I addition to that, I have created a youtube Channel...ask me anything....I'm likely to give you a video response!!

Thank you for stopping by and observing this journey with me!! Feel free to comment on my photos!!!

B.C - 11*10*07


*Shampoo and deep condition weekly
*Moisturize Daily (Mix: Evoo, water, and Mango Butter)
*Vitamins Daily (Prenatals)
*Leave In Conditioner at night
*Wrap hair with Satin Scarf
*Protective Styles Mon-Fri
*Weekends...Loose Hair Mostly

That's it....Real Basic...Hope it Helped!!!!

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Thursday, July 19, 2007
Female gender
English...Broken English LOL
Natural hair Journey
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Light (social) drinker
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Taller than average
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Medicine, Dance, Family, Friends...and HAIR!
Baseball...GO YANKS!!
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Anything by Zane or Mary B. Morrison
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