Prado Olympic Shooting Range, + other shooting, target photos

A few shots showing the Prado Olympic Air Gun Hall ... where the Air Gun events took place at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. We hold our USA Shooting Air Pistol matches there on the first Sunday of the month (No match in July)

NOTLD 2007

Night Of The Living Dead CSCC Autocross @ Ca Speedway. Sample photos ... more available.

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Ireland 2017

Max and I do a bit of Ireland ... while there for a wedding. I was only "B" camera for the wedding. Most of THOSE photos are in a separate album ... I added a few to this one.

Peter and Danielle's Wedding

Danielle and Peter's Druid Wedding. NOTE: You can order prints. Click on each individual snapshot. SORRY ... I didn't Sync the time between my cameras so they didn't post in order. IMPORTANT !!! You can Right Click on each photo to Save It to your device. Digital cameras produce files that are designed for 8" X 12" aspect ratio prints ... NOT 8" X 10", ie. 8" X 10" prints will be cropped. 5" X 7" is a good size with minimal cropping. These Files are high enough resolution to allow 8" X 12" prints. If you want larger files, please email me:

Black Water Transit

Snapshots from working on Tony Kaye's Black Water Transit in New Orleans. 45 "days" of nights.

Xmas In Santa Fe 2003

Max and His Mom & Dad visit Santa Fe, New Mexico for Christmas 2003.

Germany Visit 2006, Part II

More photos by Max, Mucki and Mako ... from our trip to Germany courtesy of Hilde/Mom and Earl.

January 14th PFM CSCC Opening Champ Event

Photos by Roman and Mako. Fotki produces very nice, inexpensive prints. After you click on "Order Print," you can go to your Shopping Cart in order to specify print size and finish. With my browser you click on the area to the far right of your selected photo in order to see: Delete, Edit, and Add Format. You can also request to NOT have your/our photo cropped.

Team Blew photos here: (more to be added.)

Germany Visit 2006

Photos by Max and Mako of our visit to Germany with Hilde and Earl, courtesy of Hilde ... to see where we use to live ... Heidelberg, Walldorf, Munich ... plus visiting friends in Seehausen, Bavaria.

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GoPro HD Hero Still Sample shots & Shots of GoPro's in Action

I love the full frame fish eye look that you get with the GoPro. If you're interested in this camera that is mainly designed for shooting "0n-board" action video ... go to their web site to see many excellent examples and accessory mounting choices. The barrel distortion CAN be removed using DxO or Photoshop CS5 software.