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I am a happily married man to a great wife since 1981. We have a terrific daughter that makes us proud with all of her accomplishments. I have been employed as an EMT/Paramedic, firefighter, and police officer, certified master automotive service technician, and am currently an automotive service manager for a tire dealership. I am also a free-lance photographer with a college degree. I have had my pictures published in various aircraft books, local newspapers, a couple of auto racing magazines, and a couple of scale model publications.
I find great enjoyment in modeling cars, aircraft, and armor. I use this medium to relax, for stress-reduction, and to express myself. I am associated with several on-line modeling groups and am the owner of a couple myself.
DO NOT waste your time or mine sending me e-mails wanting to "link up", or ask me to contact you back at ANY address so you can send me photos of you and get better ain't gonna happen. I AM IN NO WAY INTERESTED IN THIS SPAM....AND THAT IS ALL IT IS, and I WILL report this activity and file a complaint with the Fotki Home Office. I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS KIND OF ACTIVITY ON MY SITE.
If you want to talk models, racing, or photography, by all means, write to me.
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Monday, December 26, 2005
Male gender
English, Russian, Serbian, German
drag racing, model cars, photography, staight line competition, model aircraft, model armor, music, collector cars
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scale modeling, photography, reading a good book
drag racing, stock car racing
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Jesus Christ; my wife, Chris; my daughter, Jessica; all fellow firefighters, EMT/Paramedics, Police Officers
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