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I've officially started my Hair Growth Journey. Thanks to all you knowledgeable ladies of BHM!!

Starting length: SL
Immediate goal: APL
Ultimate goal: BSL

I used to be at EL but my hair grew out quite a bit simply from wearing sew-ins ALLLL the time. I tried wearing my hair out a few times, but poor hair care coupled with permanent dye jobs caused breakage and always lead me back to weaves ...

With all that "terminal length" stuff banged into my head, I always figured I couldn't grow my hair past my shoulders due to genetics. Equipped with the valuable knowledge from BHM, however, I'm convinced I can reach APL and ultimately BSL!! :)

**Updated Regimine:

-Moisturize with a water based moisturizer and seal with castor oil daily.
-Use a nourishing ("moisturizing") oil (coconut, avocado, EVOO..) on days when a water-based moisturizer is not used.
-Protective styles as much as possible and sleep in satin bonnet.
-Shampoo weekly with MillsCreek Biotin Shampoo or Creme of Nature.
-DC weekly under hooded dryer for 20-30 minutes with ORS Replenishing Pak. Motions Silk Protein Conditioner when needed.
-12 week stretches between relaxers.
-Protein treatments as needed.
-Co-washes when needed with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration or Suave Humectress
-Clarify when necessary with baking soda and water.
-ACV rinses on wash days
-Henna 1-2x per month.
-Daily Application of Growth Aids
-64 ounces of water daily
-low heat, low manipulation
-I'm trying to incorporate vitamins... Prenatal vitamins and Pantothenic Acid dietary supplements.
-Scalp massages when I feel like doing 'em

Enough rambling. Here's my current regimine:

-take Biotin daily
-Moisturize daily with S-Curl and seal with coconut oil and castor oil
-Protective styling as much as possible (I'm still looking for the one that's right for me)
-Prepoo for 1 hr with castor oil, coconut oil, and EVOO
-Wash once a week with Creme of Nature
-DC for 20-30 min under hooded dryer on wash days (Motions for proten 1 week a month, Sauve Humectess for moisturizing the other 3 weeks.)
-Apply Aphogee pro-vitamin leave-in conditioner on wash days

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. :) Thanks!!
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Thursday, April 17, 2008
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